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SaucyTart_36 47F
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3/8/2006 6:45 am

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5/27/2006 11:33 am

taste of cum

I LOVE the taste of precum. When I taste it in my mouth when going down on a guy it makes me wetter, I moan, suck harder, get all into it again.

However.... the taste of cum - no thanks. If a guy is not so nice as to inform me that he is about to cum, usually I can tell or taste the start of a guy cumming and pull back. There has been one guy in the past few months, he started to cum and I didn't realize it, didn't taste it, was quite nice actually, as soon as I noticed he was cumming I pulled back because I LOVE watching a man cum.

I asked him what he ate to make it taste good, nothing special he said. I have heard the whole pineapple thing. Does it work?

Guys ask if I swallow - that is something, like anal, that only happens in a LTR for me.

So, men, is it really such a big deal when it comes to feeling a woman swallow or is it the idea of it?

What have you eaten/drank to improve the taste?

Have you tasted your own precum? cum?

TrueTxGtlman 53M

3/8/2006 7:08 am

I like the thought that you think of swallowing only with someone in a LTR. I actually think oral sex should be more of the intimate way to have sex between a couple. I myself love to kiss so I don't really care that my lovers swallows as I don't want to taste myself. But if that is something she enjoys I don't mind it as long as she doesn't want to share with me.

From what I have heard the taste does CUM from what the mans eats. So maybe there ought to be some type of experiment done to find out. I would take part in it and see how it CUMS and goes <LOL>.

I have never tasted myself and hope to never do.


tillerbabe 55F

3/8/2006 12:34 pm

Oh this is so interesting!!!! I've never heard anyone say that before!

I like it all! (hungry bitch that I am!)

And Yes...Pineapple works, and strawberries...any kind of sweet juice.
And FYI: it works for us too!

LitlPenisinWA 53M

5/3/2006 3:53 pm

Yes it makes a big difference in what you eat and drink. I can always tell when I have been drinking lots of city water because i can even smell the chlorine in my system, to include my cum. I am a big coffee drinker. But if I know there is going to be lots of oral sex involved I tend to drink more water and juices because that too affects the overall taste.

Yes have tasted my own just to see why or why not a woman would or would not want to swallow. I love it when a lady swallows because it feels so damned good inside as her tongue swirls around the head of my cock and to feel the pull of her mouth on the shaft overall.

And as there is nasty tasting cum in males so is there in females but its not usually their cum that tastes bad but the taste of their skin overall before that even happens. There are some women whose skin naturally tastes terrible even after a shower .. and there are others that are so sweet all the way around its fabulous.

hot_shot77_19 39M

5/27/2006 4:17 pm

i am live foodist, meaning i dont cook anything over 110 degrees, or microwave, eat processed foods and my ex told me that i did not taste of anything except the days that we had pineapple....

so after we broke up, I tried an experiment and I juiced a pineapple and after about an hour I wanted to see how the precum tasted and sure enough.... it had a hint of pineapple....

and by the way my ex who also was a raw foodist, she also tasted neutral, it did not have a taste at all....and it was just a warm pleasant liquid between her legs

rm_Jannicee 40F
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9/23/2006 10:36 pm

I just read something bout the Taste of Semen .
Good Read! LOL

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