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1/17/2006 11:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Writing to someone else on here I stated that losing weight is also like losing the defenses that I have built up. How true. So many people say it but for me in doing much soul searching it is there.

As long as I am fat I can:

- make excuses why I am single
- not risk being destroyed by a man again
- not push myself physically to workout daily
- eat what/when I want
- stay home in frumpy comfie clothes
- claim men are shallow knowing full well I am also

Thinner me challenges:

- healthy eating is a way of life not a diet
- exercise is being good to my body, we are designed to move
- be the sexy, sensual woman I know that I am
- be a a better advertisement for my job (personal trainer)
- for once in my life to be done with it

Sooo, have I been good to me and eaten well and exercised? yes

Have I seen results? yep, 5 lbs down in two weeks

Goal - 25 more by the end of March.

I was at work last night and our chubby receptionist asked "how do I slim the sides of my waist?" a more blunt coworker of mine replied "quit stuffing your piehole and get your ass on the treadmill" - best damned diet advice I have heard I believe.

On that note I am going to let my sushi digest a bit and then go workout.

sassybelle21 32F
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1/17/2006 2:45 pm

So what's your diet and work out secret? I am thinking about losing weight lately and even blogged about it. Hope you don't mind sharing since I want to lose 50lbs

SaucyTart_36 47F

1/17/2006 3:35 pm

Calories - about 1500 a day, I am not so strict because the body will get used to a certain number, it is actually better to vary it daily. I have protein, fat and carbs at each meal. Starchy carbs not past 6pm if I can help it.

Workout - cardio - at least 30 minutes everyday, some days more intense than others. If you eat daily you should move daily.

Strength training - 3-4x a week depending on schedule. I prefer total body workouts and switch from an upper exercise to a lower exercise. (i.e. Back, Quads, Chest, Hams, Shoulders, Calves, Biceps, Abs, Triceps, Abs) 1. This gives whatever part you just worked a chance to rest before hitting it again. 2. Keep you moving, no rest.

Flexibility - daily stretching

jack2marseille 65M
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1/19/2006 5:28 am

very good femal, sensality

rm_sharksnsails 46M
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1/20/2006 5:27 am

Hi again, good to finaly get to read your blog.
I like sushi, do you do the wasabi/soy thing (my only salt sin...

SaucyTart_36 47F

1/20/2006 7:05 am

Yes, I do the wasabi/soy thing.

rm_sharksnsails 46M
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1/20/2006 8:40 am

"quit stuffing your piehole and get your ass on the treadmill" - best damned diet advice I have heard I believe.
good diet advice?
Man, I don't know where I stand on this one, on the one hand sometimes people need a stern wake up call, but on the other hand sometimes hurtful shit can cause someone to "comfort eat" and also to fall into a lazy dispair. It depends on the reciever if that message would work. For me, most the time that kind of kick in the ass would get me thinking about getting serious, instead of just lip service.

rm_headvision1 39M

1/20/2006 3:32 pm

hey i like the way you look! it's very nice against my body and i like the way it feels.

SedanFleetPoxes 56M

1/27/2006 3:33 pm

Don'r lose too much ..those curves are treasures

SaucyTart_36 47F

1/27/2006 9:18 pm

Thanks to all that have responded. I will never be a tiny, thin woman. I have too much muscle and also just not in my genes. I like me, I just want to love me again - NAKED!!!

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