I have a thing for a woman... a dingy chick actually....  

SaucyNSassy 39F
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1/19/2006 9:30 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I have a thing for a woman... a dingy chick actually....

Okay, I will admit it. There is one woman (a dingy blonde chick actually) that has gotten my attention.. OMG. I can't even believe it but I think she is so HOT! First of all, I don't even find blondes attractive but last year I watched Beauty and the Geek and fuck me!!! Lauren is just so dingy and hot! The whole season all she did was smack on her chewing gum and look hot. It is insane that I find her so attractive... Oh well, there I admitted it. I am completely straight, I am not BI CURIOUS or BI SEXUAL ... but Lauren is just hot...lol.
So, again, never in my life have I found a woman attractive but if I were drunk ( I need that to ease my inhibitions) and she came on to me... There would be an event that I think a few men might want to watch...
Still Straight,

Dallas_Male_35 47M
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1/19/2006 10:23 pm

LOL, they say that admitting it is the first step. I have already arrange your Blogaholics Anonymous meetings. Maybe we'll have to set you up for some Dingy Blondes Anonymous meetings as well.

Hey, at least you have good taste in chicks!

41yearoldstud 52M

1/19/2006 11:20 pm

Hey, once you eat pussy, things will never be the same. Sort of Like on LOST. It's a magnetic force that pussy. All I can say is: GO FOR IT!

and stay out of those smoky bars ... you don't find REAL FRIENDS there.

rm_ricop1379 38M

1/19/2006 11:46 pm

Sign me up for the want to watch list.

MyRealLoverOne 46M

1/20/2006 3:23 am

Thats ok babes, as long as I can have you I will be happy.

QuiteAGoodHandle 51M

1/20/2006 4:12 am

Hi Sassy,

You're not the first straight woman to experience this. I think I wrote this on someone else's blog - it has been scientifically proven that all women (yes, all, whether they admit it or not) have a physical sexual response to other sexy woman. This has been there for millenia and is uncontrolled.

It may go some ways as to explain why many women are very close to other women as friends, they feel very comfortable, etc, and they can at times share aspects of their bodies, such as "do my boobs look ok in this", etc.

Its not a sign that you fancy all women, or that you are lesbian or indeed bi-sexual. Its just a sign that you are a woman.

Many women go through life without taking this further, without exploring it sexually with another woman, but many do and become more actively bi, etc, and some, that have had bad experience with men may go the full hog and become lesbians. Butch lesbians are a whole different subject and I will not delve into that here.

Its perfectly normal, enjoy yourself,


HeardLankaMalls 55M
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1/20/2006 4:46 am

Hmmmmmm...interesting post Sassy...
Want a few cosmos?

jadedbabe78 106F

1/20/2006 4:53 am

LOL---Sassy, I am soooo offended it wasn't me!! Kidding, lol. Hey, I find some women attractive, doesn't mean I want to go off and have hot, wild girl sex with them either, haha! Now, if I was drunk-----that's another story. I'm hushin' up now....

Cainseviltwin 36M

1/20/2006 5:10 am

hee hee!
you might surprise yourself, sassy! i call myself blatantly bi-curious now, would be bisexual if i had more experience, but it all started for me in similar ways. looking at johnny depp or some equally hot guy and thinking "i know i'm not into guys, but he is really cute ... if i was drunk, and he was around ..."

TrueTxGtlman 53M

1/20/2006 6:16 am

Not many straight women would admit that Sassy. I can honestly say that I have never found another man the least bit attractive and even if I was drunk and high would I. I saw the lady you find attractive and I have to say physically she was very attractive but then she opened her mouth and dropped her on the hot scale for me. I find brains a lot more attractive on a woman than her phsycal traits.


SpaceRangerNJ 55M
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1/20/2006 8:56 am

Yeah, women just seem to have a special connection with other women. Seems it's easier for us to envision two women together than two men. Two women together is sexy. Two men together is creepy. No, I'm not homaphobic. Even had a gay roommate once. I just didn't want to see him on the couch with his tongue down some guys throat. The issues I had with him had nothing to do with his being gay. I seem to get along with gay men but I have no attraction. We can all appreciate beauty in our own sex I think. Dosen't have to mean anything more.
Now if a guy had put up a similar post about another guy what do you think the comments would be like? "you go girl!" "Hey sweety", or any range of nasty comments.
I think "that's all I have to say about that"

trust2bdiscreet2 44M

1/20/2006 8:44 pm


I cant f'n belive it. I read your blog title, and BAMM! it hits me. I say to myself its Jade. Gotta be Jade. Only one problem though, Jade is not dingy. HHHmmmmm? Fucking slow broadband, hurry I have to know. No fucking way Im missing this saga unfold on this blog. So I open it and its a hollywood crush. Oh shit, not what I thought. NO. Its hot and nasty, that was hard for Sass to tell about. I like it, Im good with. Yea its a good blog, lets go forward with this.

So Im scrollin down and I see Jade's post. It was like deja vu all
over again. I know Jade wasnt serious. She always jokes with you. Maybe it is Jade and you back out at the last second and changed the pic and your post. You got'a level with us. This aint about the hollywood girl is it?

To what end shall this confession of ones deviation from the norm birng. Have you truley discovered new fruit in which you shall endulge yourself. Shall you allow this new found cultivar to flourish. Perhaps you will sythe it down like a common weed. The nector of the new fruit could be very intoxicating.


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