Blog Memory Loss  

SaucyNSassy 39F
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4/8/2006 12:30 am

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4/9/2006 1:14 pm

Blog Memory Loss

It's not pretty but I have it. I get Blog Memory Loss. Just tonight I was lying on a blanket in the grass, at a park, around 11pm just rambling on and on about all of these different blog ideas I have that I could write about. (that was a long ass run on sentence) Now, here I am and I've got NOTHING! Damnit! I am sure that some of them were good At least the cute man next to me thought so...then again, maybe he only agreed that they were good blog ideas because he was being nice. Hmm.... I'll never know. Let's hope that I remember some of the great ideas I had...


kerrod 49M

4/8/2006 7:13 am

Wow, what a lucky guy,Sassy. Can't imagine anything I'd enjoy more then sitting on a blanket with you looking up at the stars. Well, come to think of it, maybe there is something more I'd enjoy doing with you under a blanket!I'll let your mind run wild with that one!

jadedbabe78 106F

4/8/2006 8:45 am

It happens to me all the time, sweetie. All day long I'll think of several....and then....*sigh*.....when I hop pn at night, I can't remember one of them.


SpaceRangerNJ 55M
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4/8/2006 7:54 pm

Now we just need a Sassyism for blog memory loss. Blogmentia or something like that.

Remember you found me being BADD?

Blanket in the park. No I haven't done that in years. We used to have a park you know. It was the one we would always to.

Glad you had fun.

SaucyNSassy 39F

4/9/2006 1:14 pm

Kerrod, always the shy Tell me what you want to do under that blanket!!!

Jadey, It only makes sense that it happens to my "mindtwin" too...

S.R., blogmentia, thats greatness!!! lol

Macker, Thanks sweetie!!! I hope so too!


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