Car Ride - SMK  

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10/17/2005 11:40 am

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Car Ride - SMK

In afrikaans they say, "lets have a SMK (Sondag middag knippie). Instead, on a hot, lazy Sunday afternoon, I amuse myself with a Car Ride. I'm sure the picture tells a story.

Unbeknown to my partner, I was wearing no panties under my skirt and lo and behold, unbeknown to me, he had strapped his cock.

We both went to visit my mother like that. We drank tea, had a family chat in a prudish kind of way, both of us not revealing to the other what we had done.

During the drive home, he said that I may touch his cock if I wanted to - I did not need a second invitation - I love the feel of a cock when it goes from limp to throbbing hard. I giggled and obeyed his desire to feel the warmth of my hand in his groin. Wow, it grew so quickly and through his pants, I could feel the movement of his cock reaching up to my hand, knocking my hand.

He told me to put my hand inside his pants making my desire for him grow even more. Hee hee, had the cock strap on, much to my delight. All the way home, I pampered his wanting cock.

At home, just inside, I asked him to lift up my skirt and he discovered with much joy that I had no panties on.

We went upstairs - he knelt me on the bed and proceeded to pleasure my fanny with his tongue. He then thrust his rod in, took it out, kissed my fanny some more.

We laid down, 69 of course, and he used his fingers to open my lips so that his tongue could curl around my clit - to and fro, to and fro, licking, pushing his tongue deep down into my pleasure hole. During this time, I cupped his balls in one hand, the other hand around his shaft and licked him, sucked him. His acorn was red and shining with lust. I moved closer to his anus and let my tongue fleetingly flicker - he squeezed his bum cheeks together and raised his body higher so that I could reach him properly.

I came first. My legs trembled, my tummy contracted and I experienced this warm feeling run right through my body.

We changed positions, my body crossing him over his hips and he slipped his hungry tool into my pussy. We started talking in an erotic way, giving descriptions of how we would like to be fucked. This became too much for him and he emptied his sperm, shooting deep into my fanny.


methodman1000 40M
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10/19/2005 4:55 am

Brb needs to go to the bathroom................

rm_volkyrie 36M
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11/30/2005 3:00 am

very nice. wish I could be of some assistance. Your pussy probably tasted amazing. Should you ever need anything, send me a mail

rm_mice196508 51M
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12/14/2005 4:51 am

My god, wow that sounds so nice. I think "volkyrie" needs something like this.

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