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Thanks for the advise. Many of you went to my direct e-mail on AdultFriendFinder rather than comment on my Blog. I would like to share your thoughts and I will paraphrase then and not put in your names.

1. Trust your chill to be a warning
2. He can't contact you, so it may be a control issue
3. What was great for you may have been so-so for him
4. Maybe guilt crept in
5. All men respond differently, give him a chance and call since he can't contact you

Thanks again!

I followed #5. Saw him last night for dinner. He was upset that he couldn't contact me. He said my answer was guarded. He confessed that he is not with anyone and listed he was married as a way to avoid anything but sex. (I never heard that before) I listened carefully as the above advise was fresh in my mind.

We went for a walk on Fifth Avenue and window shopped. He held my hand. I liked that. We ran into a couple he knew and he introduced me. They invited us to join them for drinks. He declined. I was happy. So, we had a no-sex date.
He is smart, handsome and the bedroom compatibility has been established.

Pretty fine evening.

He asked to take me home. It was late. He wasn't comfortable with my being on my own. In New York we have yellow cabs. But, he flagged down a town car. He and the Driver struck a deal. We were in the back seat together and the mask was dropped. I kissed him deeply and he became affectionate. He unhooked my bra. The driver must have been watching, as I saw Harry's eyes dart in that direction, and this excited him. He pulled my breasts to him and massaged and licked and sucked me. I was held in a way that I could not unzip him or touch him and I felt his hard corralled cock against my thigh. He told me just to let him have me. I was aroused and wet and his voice was throaty and his grip tightened. I was for a moment uncomfortable, scared. But he was relentless and I didn't want him to stop.

The driver pulled up to my home. He tapped on the partition. He told the driver a different address and stuffed money through the partition opening. He unzipped and nudged my head down and freed one hand. Sucking and licking him in the back seat was hot. Every time he came close to shooting his load he pulled back. I was very aware of his smell and slight salty liquid on the head of his cock. He jerked his hips and moved his hands rhythemicly down my back. He was
feeling my body. I was feeling his desire.

We were feverishly lip kissing when the driver pulled up to a townhouse. He straighten my clothing and made me presentable for the exit of the town car and entrance into his apartment.

A small dog needing his attention barked outside his bedroom door.

We fucked and fucked. I loved being in his bed.
He kissed me and told me not to move and went to walk the dog. I couldn't move.

I had shaved and groomed for our first meeting. I had carefully selected my lingerie. Not so for tonight. Our no-sex date.

I heard him come in. I watched him move across the room. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness. The outline of his body was erotic. I must have moaned and he came to the bed and slipped in.

No chill was in the air tonight.

Thanks everyone. I know that I never would have called him. But, for your advise. All of it was true in ways that helped me evaluate myself. I pushed forward, as the chill was my fear and not about him at all.

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5/4/2006 2:41 pm

Well I am happy for you my wild woman It sounds like you had a couple of nice night but the wild man is sad to see his wild woman taken boo hoo! I giess I will live to write you another day. Just joking that is great I am alway happy to see someone finally find someone I have my search light on and my fog horn going whish me luck!!!!!! Oh check out the new stories I am doing something a little different instead of one big story at once I will try to let out a little at a time you know part one part two like that let me know if that is better that way any how see you babe Your WILD MAN JD

Sassy_Lady_NYC replies on 5/4/2006 4:56 pm:
JD, I like your stories just the way they are. But, your new presentation idea sounds great. I'll be reading

Okay, maybe I am getting ahead of myself...I am keeping a "date" with another AdultFriendFinder male. I really like Peter. But, I am not exclusive to anyone but me. Don't you agree? Love ya

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