Online Romance Chapter 1  

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Online Romance Chapter 1

One night I was on the computer just chatting with people, flirting with everyone, as is my style. In the room, a man caught my eye. Lover69 Of course, I began flirting with him, We quickly became an internet couple. Talking every day, and falling more in love everyday. After a few months of the online dating, we decided to meet. Micheal was going to take a plane Down here to see me, I couldn't wait. I began planning our meeting right away...

The day finally arrived when Micheal was to visit. I went to the airport to pick him up. As he stepped into the Airport lobby, my love grew even more. Running over to him, I couldn't help but notice how handsome he was. Without saying a word he wrapped his arms around me and leaned down for a soft kiss on the lips. I was so happy that he was there.

"Thank god I am finally here, I have been waiting for this moment for what seems like my whole life," he whispered into my ear. My heart melted at this point.

Grabbing his hand I said, "You wouldn't believe how incredibly happy I am right now, I don't think I can even express what I am feeling."

"You don't have to," he replied. "I am feeling the same exact way."

We drove to the hotel talking about his trip and just catching up. When we got back to the Hotel I told him to sit down on the couch and that I had a surprise for him. Turning on the light in the dining room, I had Room service send a romantic dinner set up, Fixing our plates and lighting the candles we both sat down to eat.

Over the table, Micheal reached out and grabbed my hand, "I love you so much, this has to be the happiest time in my life." I simply looked back at him as tears filled my eyes, my heart overflowing with love.

Through our online dating there was constant sexual flirtation. I was going to wait for him to make the first move but then decided I would. Reaching my foot underneath the table, I began running it up and down his leg. Then reaching further placed my foot on his chair right next to his cock. Looking at me, he simply smiled. As we finished eating, I began to get up and clear the dishes. However, he stopped me, "We can worry about those later."

We were standing in the dining room when he went to kiss me. He placed his lips over mine softly kissing me at first then deepening the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me closer. Opening my mouth, he slipped his tongue in. I began to suck on his tongue as we kissed longer and longer. He began to stroke his hands up and down my back, feeling for my bra.

"Wait, I am going to put something more comfortable on. Feel free to do the same while I am gone." Going into my bedroom I looked at the outfit I had picked out. It was a black silk negligee with a black garter belt, and black bra. I decided to forego the negligee and just wear the garter belt and bra. Spraying on some perfume, I open the door and walk out.

Micheal had taken off his shirt and was standing there just in his pants. He hadn't seen me walk out as of yet. I quietly walked in behind him, leaned against him, and kissed his back, running my hands up and down his chest. "Guess who?" I asked.

"Hmmm, I am hoping Samantha, because if not I am in serious trouble," he replied. Turning around his eyes widened when he caught sight of what I was wearing. "Oh my god, you look amazing," he said as he ran a single finger down my cheek, to my shoulder all the way down my arm. I shivered, feeling that touch all the way throughout my body.

Running his hand back up my arm, he slips a finger under my bra strap pulling it down and kissing my shoulder. Reaching behind me he unsnaps my bra pulling it down off of my body. My breasts are now free for his touch, and his mouth. Leaning down he run his tongue around one of my nipples, leaning my head back I moan, loving the feel of his tongue on me. Briefly looking up to smile at me, he quickly goes back to my breasts rubbing my nipple with his fingertip. Then he begins nibbling and licking my breasts driving me crazy. "This night is for you...You are going to love everything that I do to you," he tells me. Then he grabs my hand leading me into to bedroom. "Lie down on your stomach for me."

I lay down and he kneels on the bed and pulls off my black thong and garter belt, licking his way down my legs. I hear a zipper being undone and know that he is getting undressed. I turn to look but he tells me to just lay there and feel what is happening to me. A moment later I feel him lightly straddling me, and I can feel his hard cock lying on back. Then his hands began massaging my shoulders, and rubbing my back. His hands feel incredibly amazing on my body. Every touch of his hands on me sends shockwaves through me straight to my wet pussy.

I feel his lips touch my neck. He knows that this is the spot that will get me every time. Moaning his name, I ask him if I can turn around and kiss and touch him. He tells me to wait, that I will enjoy what is happening. "Just feel," he whispers.

I lightly moan, whispering his name, letting him know I will be patient. Again his lips find his way to that spot on my neck, and his tongue reaches out licking me there. Leaning my head to the side to give him more access, I simply relax under his touch. He moves off of me and is sitting on the side of the bed. "Close your eyes, Samantha...You will love what is next," speaking the words softly into my ear.

I feel his hands begin to roam down my body, down my back, my ass, and my legs. Then I feel something different, it is his mouth, following the same path. Grasping my legs he pulls them wider, kneeling between them. I feel a soft touch of his fingers on my clit. I gasp; I can't believe how the sensations feel running throughout my body. His tongue begins running up and down my pussy, and around my clit. Softly at first, then harder and faster, he is driving me absolutely crazy, "Micheal, I don't think I can take much more, I am about to cum. Oh god," I moan frantically.

"Samantha, cum for me baby. Let me taste you. Let me feel you orgasm for me and only me," he murmurs.

His tongue continues on its journey, pushing into my shaved pussy, then back up to my clit. I begin to breathe heavily, moaning and gasping. I can't take much more of this torturous pleasure. Then I feel it start. The most intense orgasm that I have ever had. It never seems to end. I am screaming his name, barely breathing, just feeling.

"Yes, Baby, Cum for me. Let me taste all that you have," he moans as he is licking me.

Tremors continue running through my body, lingering in my pussy. I collapse back onto the bed, completely exhausted from his wondrous tongue. Crawling up next to me, he pulls me into his arms kissing my mouth. Looking into his eyes I tell him how much I love him as we both fall asleep.

I wake up about an hour later in his arms. I don't think it is possible to be happier than I am right now.

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3/8/2006 6:00 am

Nice story Sassy

fantasylover_05 62M

3/8/2006 6:29 am

Very nice story Sassy!!

Nice first post!!!

WHEW!! It is getting hot in here!

Welcum to the blogs!!

Sassy_Ass40 51F

3/8/2006 1:36 pm

Thanks for the warm welcome .. I'm glad You like the story just wait for the second half *EG*

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3/8/2006 4:03 pm

Really provacative writing !!!!

mbd2010 63M

3/9/2006 9:13 pm

Deliciously sexy. So was the posting. ;^)


rm_knockboot001 31M

3/10/2006 7:35 pm

Damn that was a good story. It almost felt like i was in the room. You should write a novel or something

rm_doglover514 59M
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3/14/2006 8:56 pm

nice story. wish we could meet and make our own stories. 8^)

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