Chapter 2 Online Romance  

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Chapter 2 Online Romance

I slowly awake, disoriented at first, from the feeling of strong arms around me. I quickly remembered that Micheal was finally here with me. I am completely relaxed lying in my bed with him. It was as if the world had completely dissolved around us. I run the evening's events through my head: our first kiss, our dinner, and our incredible lovemaking. He had been unbelievable, not letting me do anything, just letting me feel his wondrous hands and mouth all over my body. Just thinking about all of this was getting me wet and wanting more of Micheal. However, it was time to repay the favor to him. As softly and as quietly as possibly I slip from the warm cocoon of his arms. I wanted to freshen myself up before I awoke him with pure pleasure.

Making my way to the bathroom I gather a washcloth and glance back at Micheal's sleeping body. All I could think was that this was it. This is what I have been waiting for my entire life. I quickly wet a washcloth and begin running it over my naked body. I slide it down my breasts and over my nipples. My nipples immediately harden at the touch of the cool wet cloth. Standing before the mirror, I watch the cloth run down my chest, over my stomach, and down to my pussy. I lightly run the washcloth over my pussy. My clit is still extremely sensitive from the orgasm that I had just had. With two fingers wrapped in a washcloth I begin to stroke my clit. Unable to stand any longer, I sit down on the toilet seat spreading my legs wider.

Dropping the washcloth to the floor my fingers continue on their journey. While one hand begins to rub slow circles around my clit, my other hand is rubbing my breasts and nipples, lightly pinching and pulling. I hear a noise from the bedroom; however, I am too caught up in my bliss to pay any attention. Needing more, I thrust two fingers into my dripping wet pussy. I bring my hand down from my breasts, and using my middle finger I continue to massage my clit, rubbing in little circles around the hard nub of my arousal. Using three of my fingers, I thrust them deep inside of me. I can feel the beginnings of my orgasm as my breathing quickens. Rubbing my clit faster and faster, I moan quietly because I do not want to wake Micheal up. I feel the wave after wave of orgasm go through me. Collapsing up against the toilet, I hear a slight moan. I look up and Micheal is standing there naked with his hard cock in his hand.

"I was going to wake you up with a surprise, you woke up too soon!" I exclaim.

"I would love to be woken up just that way every day…That was incredible. I can't wait to taste and feel you again," he replied.

"No. It is definitely my turn." With that, I quickly got to me knees, anxious to taste that beautiful hard cock. I grasp his cock lightly in my hand, then snake my tongue out to just lick the tip of his head. His cock jumps in response. I smile up at him making eye contact as I take his cock into my mouth. Slowly I take him deeper and deeper into my mouth, closing my lips around him and sucking hard. My hands begin to play with his balls as I suck him. Micheal's hands are in my hair pushing his cock deeper into my mouth so that I am deep-throating him. I pull him out of mouth and see pre-cum leaking from him. I lick it off slowly, it tastes so good.

"Micheal, I want you to explode in my mouth. I want to taste all of you." Taking his cock back into my mouth, I run my tongue up and down him. Then I go down to his balls taking them in my mouth while my hand strokes him. Sucking on his balls, he tastes so good, and I want more. He is moaning now, telling me to fuck his cock with my mouth. I slowly suck inch by inch of his cock into my mouth. I am sucking, licking, and worshipping his cock. He's breathing harder now, moaning, and gasping.

"Samantha, I am cumming, I am going to cum in your mouth. Oh god!" I feel his cock begin to spurt his hot juice into my mouth. I swallow all of it. I love the taste of him. He cums over and over again in my mouth, it seems to be never-ending. I continue sucking him; I want to suck him dry. Taste all that he has to give me. I clean up his cock, running my tongue up and down his cock, and on his balls, not wanting to miss a drop. I lick my lips looking up at him smiling. We don't need to say anything, because now we have both experienced our lover's touch.

What a great way to start off my day. That was much better than a cup of coffee.

I can't wait to see what else we have to explore during the rest of his time here.

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3/8/2006 6:51 pm

Very hot story, it make me really want to fuck you.

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