valley girls on acid?  

SassyChrisls 113F
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1/3/2006 12:47 am
valley girls on acid?

~~ What do you call a yuppie with a cellphone?A yappy! ~~

Dontcha love it when chatters seem to be so self-absorbed they seem to make conversation with themselves, talking to nobody in particular and nobody's even responding back? I'm serious! This particular female was like:

"all the guys in high school thought im too girly and they're into girls and i dont even know why they are into them"

"and some of my friends who i thought were friends told everyone in the school i got assaulted when i told them to keep it a secret"

"my mom says maybe i should wear jeans and sweatpants like everyone else but why should i change for anyone to impress them?"

"in comparison to everyone else at school with jeans, and hoodies i stand out with my labels all over and short jean minis and crop tops with sequins and shit all over"

( somewhere in there another female asked if her major was fashion- that being the only post in response to all of hers...that's it LOL )

"and i dont act spoiled and yea i am a lil i guess but i dont BRAG i cant stand that"

( oh yea, she isn't bragging about wearing designer brands and her trendiness, uh huh.... )


footnote: ( this wasnt the first time this chatter chatted in such manner... makes ya wonder if it's really a female or a male, especially considering the pics are somewhat too good to be true for an A FF ad )

greatnsexy69 47M

1/3/2006 6:29 pm

You know what be really strange, if you were walking in the mall or somewhere maybe where there was no one else and heard this person talking but didn't see a cellphone and only a few minutes later realize they had one of those wireless earpieces. Then you wonder which is stranger, the fact that they felt they needed a wireless earpiece, or the topic of their conversation.

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