Thank gawd there's only one more day left to this week! How much worse can it get?  

SassyChrisls 113F
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10/30/2005 3:30 am
Thank gawd there's only one more day left to this week! How much worse can it get?

So right now im kinda of unwinding from a really HOT bath.... probably scalded myself... and hittin the bowl. Kind of as in trying. Brain won't shut off. Run run run run... *sighs*

So i'm pretty miserabe right now... i shouldve had a good nite 2nite in nyc at the halloween party.... right.

As if today/2nite was bad enough, it had to contine when i got home running my bath.

Unfortunately for me, the week isn't over yet- there's still tomrrow (Sunday).... and i really hope it's been the end of it *sighs*

So far this week -
i've been demoted at work for no reason (yes it was just dropped on me- no prior discussions) ;

my union HR rep went on vacation (of course) ;

paid my bills & rent (did i have enough $? nope) ;

realized i forgot to pay cable bill.... and i already ran out of money;

had a heartwrenching conversation with a "friend" (see previous post) ;

forgot to paste on my horns (She-Devil) for the party ;

(also forgot to bring bra to change into jeans/shirt) ;

nearly lost control of car on a curve on horrible Taconic;

got lost on the way to NYC;

got lost in NYC;

couldn't find a parking spot for over a hour in NYC;

car nearly broke down- started misfiring;

nearly ran over somebody stupid enough to jaywalk across Broadway;

arrived at party extremely fashionably late (1am... left for party 10:30pm, should've only take a hour and half drive) ;

missed most everyone at the party (of course) ;

had a "stalker" at the party (no, wasnt A FFer but was damn rude leernig at me and makin suggestive expressons, so i told him not to ever stare at me again...the creep) ;

didn't pass out enough choco eyeballs - too many left over ;

didn't get to walk around NYC as planned, to pass out eyeballs;

my friend didn't show as I had hoped he would (we've met before) ;

got lost tryin to find Henry Hudson from Broadway;

nearly hit a deer on Taconic ;

a diferent deer nearly hit me on Taconic/I-84 exit;

lost my contact lense down the drain;

it's already light outside by the i'm hopping in bed;

been sick all week (also being why took so long to get ready for party) and i still don't feel good;

and other things that weren't mentioned.

i'm tired. goodnight.

RodS1967 49M

11/29/2005 11:58 am

Sounds like you had a rough night, Sassy. My Halloween weekend was only a little better. See you in the Tri-State chat sometime. ~Rod

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