Lancaster Party Adventure  

SassyChrisls 112F
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4/25/2006 5:55 pm
Lancaster Party Adventure

ok sooooo the PA room had a meet & greet party in Lancaster, which is about 3 1/2 hrs away from me.

I have spent about 2 years in the particular chatroom befriending ppl and stirring up shit (heh... i'm innocent!)

I figured, about damn time ppl have met me in person. Especially after my recent behavior, which upset myself as well, which was entirely not me.

So... yes, i'm going to the Lancaster party, I tell the room.

Ever since I officially decided to attend the party, I did not feel as if there WAS a party at all to go to.. why the hell was I packing a bag? I'm not going anywhere.... I was more excited about Atlantic City and kept thinking it was for AC and had like 15 shirts on my bed... NO NO NO... LANCASTER, not AC! oy

The saturday of the party came around - OMG very very strongly fighting with myself about whether there's really a party or not, if it's gonna happen or be an utter waste of my time/gas/money.... so strongly i was on the verge of tears. People thought I was crazy because I was insisting it was intuition telling me something... very strongly....

Finally, "fuck it, I told ppl I was gonna go and i'm NOT a pussy or a liar!" and forced myself to get ready for the trip at around 1.... all I had to do was shower and put on my gym pants and a t shirt for comfy driving, put the bags in the car.... took my damn time, 3 o'clock I couldnt procratinate anymore, as there was nothing left to do.

The previous nite, my father and I had switched cars. His was more reliable for road trips than my dying vehicle. So... I get in my dad's car, all set to leave... the battery's dead. But of course.

"OMG do you think your dad sabotaged the car?" (he's very controlling, before I had left the place the prev nite, he reset the mileage to zero... did he really think I wouldn't have noticed?)

My dad's kinda paranoid about having emergency stuff in the car - first aid kit, blanket, umbrella, kitty litter, flashlight, toolbox, flares....


Someone in the next apartment bldg just parked his car, no he didnt have jumper cables... so grr I got the hubby from upstairs and we both came out- there's the guy with jumper cables! oh, but he didnt want to use his own vehicle so I had to get that hubby from upstairs again to use HIS car.... and jumper cables guy is GONE. vanished. Perfect.

I called my friend, "I'll be there in 20 minutes" a hour later he finally shows, looks @ the battery, "ummm its gone.. even if you jump started it, it's gone"... the green light was buh-bye. UGH.

*sighs* "dad... ur car is DEAD" he's on his way.

Did i leave the headlights on? NO. are you sure? YES. you really sure? YEAH cuz if it was, my room would've been lit as its right there in front of the car. OK.. what about interior lights? NOPE... ya sure? UH HUH wouldve seen from my window, the shades were open.

"Get in the trunk" huh??? "get in the trunk!" get... in the TRUNK? "yeah, get in!" uhh ok... (if the trunk light remained on when closed, we kno why the battery's dead.. but it went off, so.. pfft) "Well, now I know I can fit in a trunk... wonderful..."

Dad had driven my own car back over, so we simply switched the batteries. No wait, did I simply? NUH HUH. Removing from MY car was fine... but from HIS car, the positive post broke off. So.. the dead battery has now been MURDERED. Awesome!

Dad's car starts up with my car's battery in it.. yay!!!! My friend's leaving cuz everything's fine now, right? WAIT A MINUTE! there's smoke under the hood! GRRR... and it smelled like something engine-y

"I think its a small leak that's been there for a while, but the car should be ok" says Dad. Uh huh dad, whatever you say.

We're NOW set to leave.. I, of course, have to drive dad back home as the dead battery was murdered.... he's playing with the radio.

"SHIT!!!! i forgot my CDs!!!!!" ok, lets turn back around and get 'em. Pulled onto one of the side streets, and dad turns to me, "did you just smell that?" whifffffffffff antifreeze.... "yep" *sighs*

Back at the apartment - he's looking under the hood again, and repeats the same thing he said.. "i think its just a small leak that's been there for awhile.. it'll be fine" NUH HUH dad, after everything that's happened, NO it won't be fine!!! What the hell's next?! The car's gonna blow up? Geez.

"Ugh, just take your own damn car" says dad. Yea.... my car's a POS and his is more reliable, uh huh.... so anyways, we moved my own battery back into my own car...

Drove him back home, felt SO MUCH BETTER about going ANYWHERE... like I was capable of driving... was weird. so anyways, FINALLY left for Lancster around 8.

Rain.. some fog.. no road marks in some areas, especially on 222... I got there alright- even thought I had forgotten to write down the specific directions TO the hotel from the route (duh me) so finally got to CHECK IN at midnight. My room at 12:15.... tore off my comfy clothes, threw on my nicer clothes.. and showed up at the party at 12:45.

The next day- I had planned to go visit an A FF friend in Philly, so I had to get back on 222 to catch 67 to Philly....

thump thump thump thump goes the car... "damn, rough road..." and changed lanes... thump thump thump... (going onto the shoulder now) thump thump thump.....

something flew into my tire (inch half hole) and my tire was shredded. WOO HOO!!! great start to the day! 2 young men were nice to help me change the tire so I got back on the road very quickly.. on my way to Philly.

Anyone know that fork on 76 that either goes straight into Philly, or up and AROUND Philly? Yea... well.. the signs were messed up and I ended up going AROUND Philly.

Which was kinda funny, cuz ever since the tire blew, I was texting my friend while driving about where I was... "yay!!!!! Philly next 5 exits!!"

went thru a toll.. $4.25, "damn, you're expensive!" I texted to her. Right after that, "welcum to nj?! wtf... lol" she's now askin where the hell I am. I ended up in Jersey on the turnpike... *sighs*

Even the toll lady gave me wrong directions LOL ahhh fuck it im gonna figure this out on my own.... yea yea go south to Camden and cross over, I'm there.

"yep, cross the Ben Franklin Bridge" says my friend.. and the rest of the directions to her place.

I'm nearing Camden.. i texted both her and my other friend "i heart cammy!" LOL was such a good sport about it all, still...unbelievable.

Ben Franklin Bridge (this way) "Hi Benny!!!!" and I end up on a different road than it said on the map.... "am I supposed to be on this road?" yep.. stay on that road, it goes to the BF Bridge... "good, cuz I was startin to get pissed off" (just NOW I'm starting to get pissed off? wow...)

Yes- I made it to philly. And yes, I also made it back home the next day with a better tire replacing the donut...

but DAMN, who the hell has this much trouble for a frickin A FF party?! OMFG. Unbelievable.

I_have_returned 43M

6/16/2006 5:06 pm

Glad you had fun...even more glad more people saw the auntie I always knew!

rm_nepaguy1981 34M
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5/3/2006 6:25 pm

Sounds like you weren't supposed to be there!

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