Help me start my business!!! :)  

SassyChrisls 112F
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2/25/2006 2:13 pm
Help me start my business!!! :)

<~~ Glycerine soaps with Rubba Ducky

Hello all- I'm very eager to start my business

My business will be customized/personalized soaps and will have a variety of preferences for my customers to choose from, ranging from plain unscented bars to colored scented figurines.

I don't really know which fragrances or essentials oils is a MUST to begin my business....

(I will expand my fragrances/oils cabinet as my business grows, naturally)

PLEASE HELP by commenting on which "flavors" you'd most likely be appealed to first (A-Z, fragrances and essential oils)

To perhaps help a bit easier, the categories of such fragrances/oils are:

Flowers, AromaTherapy, Fruits, Candies (such as butterscotch) and Spices/Herbs

If you prefer combinations of "flavors" rather than one specific, let me know too!

ALSO - Gel or Solid soaps preferred?
(note: "gel" is actually glycerine... it is not the liquid form, but rather the transparent form of the solid bars, like shown in the photo)

EVERYONE who contributed to this survey- THANK YOU!!!

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3/21/2006 2:06 am

i just remembered.. it's actually orange, basil and lime!

rm_MBauglir 32M
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3/9/2006 11:21 am

Oh and uh, dont worry, if any of us are going to hell, it's not for making soap... ¬_¬.

And yeah, this non-religious fanatic "graced" you with his first two posts lol.

rm_MBauglir 32M
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3/9/2006 11:16 am

Watermelon! Definately watermelon.

HahaRealFunny 30F

3/7/2006 10:06 pm

actually, no joke, there's an awesome combo of orange, basil and i think rosemary? smells terrific.

this doesn't mean i don't want my meat soap though.

thepseudohippie 49F

3/7/2006 3:34 pm

Oh, and soreal?

thepseudohippie 49F

3/7/2006 3:33 pm

DO NOT GET LYE ON YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!! (if you do, pour vinegar on it)

Anyway, I want: grapefruit/geranium's my favorite body spray and they no longer make it... if I had soap like that, I'd find it invigorating.

In fact, citrus in general is invigorating. Some scents are relaxing, some are sensual...I recommend getting some aromatherapy information.

You could also put a small stone or crystal in each clear soap...each stone has a different meaning....

...that could be your "hook," since you're gonna go organic.

I_have_returned 43M

3/3/2006 8:16 pm

hmm... how about a chicken? OOOHHHhh,,,,, gotta have a bacon one...

but to be honest... I'm surpirsed someone hasnt bottled the smell of "money"

rich white collar guys would buy it by the ton


SaferInPairs 30F

3/1/2006 3:08 pm

meat. all the way.

soreal1969 47M
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2/28/2006 3:55 pm

My churlish, bemused, young misguided child, you hide behind an obscure, judgemental lifestyle. Seek your elixir and let these people be, for someday the lord will judge you, a day for you can not inveigh...............T... Have a nice day.................

rm_nepaguy1981 34M
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2/25/2006 9:03 pm

I use aloe soap to shower. It is solid.

I tend to use melon liquid (gel) hand soap. I like the smell.

You have a pretty eye.

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