A Guide To Chat Lingo & Chatting - For Dummies! (updated: Oct. 11)  

SassyChrisls 113F
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10/7/2005 2:01 am
A Guide To Chat Lingo & Chatting - For Dummies! (updated: Oct. 11)

some were added after original post, thanks to the commenters and chatters!! keep going

~~~~~~~ ACRYNOMS ~~~~~~~

brb- Be Right Back

bbiab- Be Back In A Bit

bbl- Be Back Later

afk- Away From Keyboard

atm- At The Moment

mia- Missing In Action

lol- Laugh Out Loud/On Line

lmao- Laughing My Ass Off

lmfwao/lmfbao- Laughing My Fuckin White/Black Ass Off

rotfl- Rolling On The Floor Laughin

rotflmao- Rolling On The Floor Laughin My Ass Off

ttyl- Talk To You Later

tc- Take Care

gm- Good Morning

ge- Good Evening

gn- Good Night

sd- Sweet Dreams

ga- Good Afternoon

yw- You're Welcome

ty- Thank You

hb- Hurry Back

wb- Welcome Back

fu- Fuck You

fubar- Fucked Up Beyond All Recognization

ssdd- Same Shit, Different Day

oic- Oh, I See

omg- Oh My Gawd

omfg- Oh My Fuckin Gawd

wtf- What/Who The Fuck

wth- What/Who The Hell

asl, a/s/l- Age Sex Location

as, a/s- Age Sex

ib- I'm Back

pm- Private/Personal Message

IM- Instant Message/Messenger

NSA- No Strings Attached

idk- I Don't Know

BDSM- Bondage/Discipline Saddism & Machoism

s2r- Send To Receive

r2s- Receive To Send

swm- Single White Man/Male

bbw- Big Beautiful Woman/Women

tyvm- Thank You Very Much

yvw- You're Very Welcome

sgk- Soft Gentle Kiss

wg- Wicked Grin

weg- Wide Evil Grin

hth- Hope This Helps

iso- In Search Of

afaik- As Far As I Know

foad- Fuck Off And Die

stfu- Shut The Fuck Up

tmi- Too Much Information

JK, j/k- Just Kidding

JW, j/w- Just Wondering

rt- Real Time

rl- Real Life

irl- In Real Life

IMO- In My Opinion

IYO- In Your Opinion

bbs- Be Back Soon

WWJD- What Would Jesus Do

tc - Take Care

F2F- Face (To) Face

gtg/gg- Got To Go/Gotta Go

snafu- Situation Normal, All Fucked Up

hagd, hagn - Have A Good Day/Night

TGIF- Thank Gawd It's Friday

LTNS- Long Time No See/Speak

wtg- Way To Go

np- No Problem

FYI- For Your Information

FAQ- Facts And Questions

~~~~~~~ SOUNDS ~~~~~~~

ahh, ohh- ("oh i see" )

eww- (disgust)

uh huh- (yes)

nuh huh- (no)

tsk- (can be "shame on you" )

aww- (how cute,sweet,adorable)

ugh- (disgust, frustration)

pfft- (can be scoffing)

huh- ("huh, i see" )

huh?- ("what u talkin about?" )

hmm- (thinking)

mmm- (dreaming/fantasizing)

blah- (boredom, yapping nonsense, or "nah, dont worry about it" )

poof- ("has left room" )

muah, mwah- (kiss)

~~~~~~~ ABBREVIATIONS ~~~~~~~

bs- bullshit

y- why

A I M- A O L instant messenger

Y I M- Y a h o o instant messenger

M S N- M S N instant messenger

A O L- America On-Line

nbr- number

w/ - with

w/out- without

dl- download

A FF- AdultFriendFinder

k- okay

fwrd- forward

re: - reply or regarding

kybrd- keyboard

cuz- because

btwn- between

mo- month

mi- mile

yr- year

sec- second

min- minute

sn- screenname

id- identification, screenname

nm- (part 1) not much

nm, nvrmind- (part 2) nevermind

bi, lez- bisexual, lesbian

w/e - whatever

b/c - because

ppl, peeps - people

b/c - because

b4- before

bf, gf (b/f, g/f) - boyfriend/girlfriend

qt, QT - cutie

ne1 - anyone

ez - easy

pls, plz - please

thx- thanks

spanks- thanks (naughty)

cya - see "ya" (you)

L8R - later

nunyabiz- none of your business

biz - business

~~~~~~~ TERMS ~~~~~~~

gold member, silver member, standard member- membership status- indicated by color of ball on left of member's handle; standards do not have a ball

cam- webcamera

newbie- new member

reg/regular- "old" known members in chatrooms

ad- "advertisement", profile


blog- personal written series of entries by a member

post- comment in chatroom or an entry in a blog

page- instant message, usually done with the A FF pager

moderator- chatroom monitor for abuse

report/reported- complaint to abuse

abuse- department that handles complaints of chatters, emailers, etc - may suspend/remove profiles

greybox- personal/private message in chatroom done thru Flash Chat

Flash- Flash Chat, where greyboxes (PM's) are done

handle- member's name on site, identification

bot- programmed advertisement for other sites, always found in chatrooms

form mail- general mail that is sent to various people (like all women) saying the same things; something commonly said, showing no special interest or signs it was specifically typed for the receipent

shup- "shut up"

poof- ("has left room" )

boot- kicked out of chatroom

huggles- hugs

reboot (also "boot" ) - restart computer

~~~~~~~ SYMBOLS ~~~~~~~

(small cam icon by handle] - webcam is on, click on the icon to view

(M), (F), (G), (T) - "gender/marital" status of member(s), such as Male, Female, Couple, Group, Trans, etc - seen at the right of handles

M, F - male, female

<<<, <~~, <-- (pointing to self, as in saying "I"... usually associated with action, such as: <~~ thinking)

^5- high-five

((((( insert handle ))))) - cyber hugs, varying "arm length" on each side - other symbol keys may be used such as {{ }}

* insert action * - * * indicates an action being performed, ex: *picking nose and licks finger*

xoxo hugs and kisses

@ - at, directed to/at

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so i got bored.... again.

SassyQT_OinKsTer 106F

5/9/2009 2:23 pm

forgot an important use for the * asterisk symbol: correcting a typo.

-- For an eample, if I made a typoe and misspelled... this is how Ii would correct it:

-- example*
-- typo*
-- I*

There's no need to reiterate the entire post; the * is usually sufficient indication that a correction has been made to a visible post.

Some would opt to include the term before or after the typo'ed term. example, using the above sample line:

-- for example*
-- a typo*
-- I would*

Correcting a portion of the statement consisting of multiple terms for further clarification can also be corrected with a single asterisk placed at the end. example:

-- I didn't want to go to the store so I went to the store instead.


-- I didn't want to go to the park*

For this particular example, why was the first half repeated? Because I had used the term "store" twice, and to correct it by simply posting the correction as " park* " would confuse readers as to which portion of the sentence is being corrected, or if both were -- if both would, it still wouldn't make sense. This is a classic case of interchangeable typos that is clarified by a portion correction.

pseudohippie 50F

10/8/2005 10:41 pm

"wth" doesn't mean "what the heck?" This is like when I called people "you dildo" and had no idea what a dildo was!

"ppl" = "people" (thanks Stang, you used it and didn't even realize it was missing! lol)

I guess "hahaha;sldjf;alsjdfla;skdfj" doesn't make the cut?

ConeyHauntIliac 35M

10/8/2005 8:48 pm

ok were you realy that bored or was it that ppl kept asking what everything ment and you just got sick of telling them all over and over again

rm_MrDark71 46M
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10/8/2005 12:04 pm

Hey...where the fluck is ..STFU?????

MissAnnThrope 56F
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10/7/2005 9:15 pm

OK, you missed...

sgk - soft gentle kiss

weg - wide evil grin

hth - hope this helps

iso - in search of

afaik - as far as I know

foad - fuck off and die

There are others that get used. But those spring to mind.

Now, as far as terms go... Are you going to educate the n00bs on water sports, scat, golden showers, Cleveland steamers, half and half, French fucking, etc? Yes, I am evil.

rm_nepaguy1981 35M
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10/7/2005 1:18 pm

oic roflmao

PrincessKarma 43F
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10/7/2005 11:55 am

Very complete. TYWM

BTW did you have to eat that booger? Ew.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

funlover77779 53M
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10/7/2005 8:51 am

Thanks ( or should it be ty ) this is very useful for a newbie like me

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