"Don't tell me more!"  

SassyChrisls 113F
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8/9/2005 11:50 pm
"Don't tell me more!"

"I didn't switch to Geico and I didn't save a shitload of $$$. You can't do the same!"

No, seriously- why do guyz think women will bother even replying to them if they don't have anything to say about themselves?

(Age, height, weight...let's get to fucking.)

At least they signed off with their names, so we aren't quite "fucking" someone nameless.

Guess it never occurred to them there are about a zillion (figures exaggerated for emphasis) OTHER guys online they have to compete with.

These are real emails I received- yes, incredibly short, and equally incredibly boring and, not to mention, pathetic.[/blue]

hey, im 20 yrs old 6'1 175 lbs. if Youre interested and want to talk let me know. Jesse

So, in order to get ahead of the competition- all they need is: age, weight, and height.

(Again- age, height, weight... let's get to fucking.)

Some are even smarter- and don't even include ALL the above. Instead, they get right to the pathetic losing point - asking/suggesting to meet w/out cuz ur profile exists on A FF.

30, male, ny, italian, care to talk?
Perhaps meet? (MSN info removed)

(another real example)

hi im mike looking to meet cool girl thats looking to maybe meet and hang and talk so if u are looking to meet cool guy get back to me thanks

(Ummm- ok if you're gonna claim you're COOL- where's the proof dude??? Say something cool, at least! OY.}

{In that case, I'm a cool chick just cuz I say so! Nevermind about if I really am- I typed it, so I must be.. right? You better be agreeing LO

Providing a complete list of your Instant Messager Ids/Screennames is sure to guarantee them a message from you... NOT.

hi im nicholas i like your profile i will like to chat with you my
> AIM is (removed)
> my email is (removed)
> my yahoo is (removed)
> im on all the time if my away message is on leave me a message and I will get back to you well hope to hear from U p s Nicholas

Don'tcha also love it when an extremely dull (thank goodness it's short!) email is sent along with an equally (again, thank gawd it's short!) extremely dull profile???

hi there figured i would send you a face pic. i live near newpaltz.i look forward to hearing from you. fred

(including profile: iam looking for women looking for a good time.iam looking for some new friends to have fun with.get in contact with me if you are interested!)

Yes, this guy COULD say a bit more about himself- if he's really hoping any chick on here would bother spending even 10 seconds of her time reading his... ummm.... (he calls that his profile? GEESH, okay dokey, whatever dude.)

And the most infamous ONE-LINER email of all....

*drum rolling*

any more pics here are mine


greatnsexy69 47M

8/29/2005 10:29 pm

So what would get your attention?

pseudohippie 49F

8/16/2005 10:11 am

Thank God for those people, providing me endless entertainment after I cut and paste what they typed in chat, as thought I said the exact same thing just a second later...

"Pseudohippie (usually misspelled), where do you live?"

Cancer6962 54M
265 posts
8/14/2005 5:51 am

lmao ... Sassy your such a floosy

I eat'n

nietchze 43M

8/10/2005 10:29 pm

uuuhhhh ummm....I think ur funny and...you know, stuff...err. So like ummm, you wanna fuck? Ummmm yea thanks...Dave.

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