One Bad Apple . . .  

SassyBlonde209 48F
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8/12/2005 7:28 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

One Bad Apple . . .

Why is it that women allow one bad apple (attitude) to ruin their fun? This morning I was enjoying myself on webcam. Over 350 viewers (which still astonishes me!). Anyway... I get one asshole that needs to point out to me that I'm... and I quote... "fucking fat". Excuse me?! Read my profile asshole. I say that I consider myself a bbw.

I did not come into your home and turn my own webcam on! If I gross you out so much, turn the damn thing off. You stayed long enough to remind me how fat I am? I have mirrors, you SOB.... practice some manners.

If it takes demeaning another person to make you feel better, then you have a very sad life and I'm sure the success you will NOT have on AdultFriendFinder will reflect that.

pjb6226 48M

8/12/2005 12:17 pm

Sorry to hear that people can be so mean and rude. From what I can see, you look terrific, and you shouldn't let that one bad apple spoil the whole bushel.

ynggunner78 38

8/12/2005 1:03 pm

I think you are beautiful and would consider it an honor to be with you. Would love to see if it is true about you tasting like honey. Dont let one asshole ruin it for the rest of us. It is ok, they are probably sitting at home wondering who they will pick on next. Anyhow, next time you go on cam would love to see you, or be on there with you, lol

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