Horror Story #2  

SassyBlonde209 48F
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8/1/2005 12:38 pm

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5/30/2006 9:09 pm

Horror Story #2

OK... I'm not sure about most of the women on this site.. but I can tell you I am for real. My goal is to meet someone, connect, and have a wonderful sexual experience with them.

I met a gentleman here. We talked online for probably 2 good weeks. (I have alot of hoops I like to see jumped through before I consider meeting!) Anyway... we talked and talked and he was such a sincere and caring gentleman.

Finally, I agree to meet him from breakfast. During this timeframe, I had limited morning time available. I had gotten to feel so comfortable with him, I decided we could forego the breakfast and meet at the hotel! BIG MISTAKE!

First of all... guys - if a woman says she will go straight to a hotel with you, spring for more than KNIGHTS INN! Anyway . . . I get ready and drive the the Knights Inn.... and what I thought would be a 45 year old, tall dark and handsome man opening the door was anything but.

I wanted to run and hide. But, I went inside. Thankfully he had gotten a room with 2 double beds (probably the only thing available at KI!). So I waited for him to sit down on one of the beds and I purposely sat on the other. We sat and talked for almost 2.5 hours. Finally, he made a move and came to my bed. I was horrified. I did not want to hurt his feelings but he so was not what he lead me to believe. OK..somehow we ended up naked. I mean, he had paid for the room, the least I could do was let him eat me right? (OK, that might have given him the wrong idea!) So finally, the time came for me to leave.

When he stood up.... O M G. You know how older people get the "hangs". Well this "45 year old" had the hangs like I have never in my life seen before. I wanted to die!

Always an opportunity to learn a lesson.....
1. NEVER agree to go straight to the hotel.
2. If KNIGHTS INN is mentioned, consider the source.

cutecaramel77 39F
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8/6/2005 9:49 pm

Girl I know what you mean.You met up with a 45 year old man(per say) and I met with a 30 something women.I was and still is curious about being with a women and started to chat with on. We talk and made plans to meet up. And let me tell you she did not look like her picture. And like you I said "I came all this way I might as well go ahead let her eat me out. Believe me I will never do that again.

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