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3/24/2006 7:29 am
Twilight Visitor

I was lost in one of those blissful sleeps where the body has buried itself so deeply into the mattress and pillows that the three have literally become one warm, soft, pile of slumber. The mind floated on rhythmic waves of mingled thoughts and dreams. Ever so often a voice rode in on one of those waves and whispered something in my mind’s ear. The words were barely discernable; the message lost as it twirled into the tide and was washed out to the sea of dreams. Then suddenly came a whisper unlike the others. It seemed to be attached to something real, to someone real. I thought I could feel the warmth of his breath on my ear. His words were clear, “Come back. Come back from wherever you are. I need you.”

With his words still warm on my skin, I thought I could feel the weight of him on the bed next to me, coaxing me to come closer. With no physical effort from me, my body rolled slowly toward him, found him, and snuggled into his cozy embrace. His heady scent danced around my nostrils and I breathed deeply, taking him into my soul. I sighed. His kiss landed lightly on my lips. For a moment I thought I could taste him. My eyelids fluttered, but would not open. He whispered, “Be still,” and gently sealed each eye with a kiss. I took another breath of him and tried to speak. His mouth found mine, “Hush. Don’t speak,” and he sealed my lips with a kiss too. I sighed and buried myself in his arms.

For a moment the purest form of love enveloped me. I was lost in that raw, uncensored, love that flows naturally from the heart and soul, unencumbered by doubts, expectations, and fears. It was comforting, soothing, and delicious. For a long while, I cuddled there and I was content. But soon the body stirred and I needed more. I needed a physical consummation of this love.

The core of my womanhood awakened and bathed herself in preparation. My hands, still heavy with sleep, fumbled for him and found him. He was ready, hard and erect and moistened by his own need. I could wait no longer and rolled onto my back, spreading my legs, begging for his entry. He wasted no time in accommodating me. Suddenly, the weight of his body was upon me and he entered me. He pushed slowly, going deeper and deeper inside of me until I could feel every inch of him. I sighed. My eyes and lips were still sealed, but I could smell him. I could feel him. He moved rhythmically in and out, awakening my desire and coaxing it to the surface. My hips rose up to meet him and hold him before he pulled back again. With each plunge, my body became more greedy, more in need of him. I grabbed his buttocks and tried to prevent him from pulling out, but he was stronger than I. He pulled out almost to the tip and then slowly pushed back inside of me. My desire was heightened with each plunge and I knew I was coming close to that point where all control is lost, all thoughts are abandoned, and the body does what it was born to do. A guttural moan rose up from my throat and met his growl as our bodies suddenly grabbed, clenched, and exploded together. I thought I saw fireworks, thought I heard Puccini, and thought I had reached Nirvana.

My body sighed, buried itself deeply within the mattress and pillows again. We became one warm, soft, pile of slumber. Waves of thoughts and dreams washed over me, some carrying whispers on them. Their messages were not clear and were soon forgotten.

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