Everything . . . and more.  

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3/22/2006 1:43 am

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Everything . . . and more.

It's 3:30 in the morning and I can't sleep for thinking about being with a man that disciplines me. How wonderful it would be to have such a man on these nights I have trouble sleeping. A sound spanking followed by prolonged fucking would have me in the land of nod in no time. I think it to be the best sleeping aid there is.

What do I want? What is it I need? Does it exist? Is this life I seek going to be possible? These questions and more dance around in a head that should be dreaming. But alas, sleep eludes me this night. So I write:

He was everything I had ever dreamed of and more. Intelligent, charming, witty, handsome, and strong. His physical strength far outweighed mine and I liked that. There were times I needed that. Like when he had to take me in hand and I resisted his attempts to do so. I secretly loved struggling with him and knowing that he would be able to overpower me. I had never known that before him. For as petite as I am, I am unusually strong after 15 plus years of lifting weights. I can be a formidable force and have surprised more than one man with my strength.

It had been one of those days. I was edgy and bitchy and had no idea why. I was able to keep such moods concealed at work and with friends, but at home, I seemed to lose that ability. My irritability spewed out of me in everything I said and did. After several hours of this, he'd had quite enough.

His grip on my upper arm took me surprise and I instinctively tried to pull away. His grip tightened as he pulled me down the hall and toward the bedroom. I realized I had gone too far and attempted to beg my way out of what was to come. "I'm sorry. I am. I'll stop."

He was unwavering in his direction. "I know you will. Just as soon as I burn a reminder into your ass." He let go of my arm once we were in the bedroom. "Take off the jeans. The panties too." He was reaching for the door of the cub board that housed all the implements of discipline.

I hesitated and then bolted back out the door. I didn't have a clue where I was going though and didn't know what I'd do once I got there. I ended up in the kitchen. I just hovered there not knowing what to do next. He didn't give me much time to think about it. I jumped when he appeared around the corner. "Oh, I . . ." His movement was quick as he grabbed a handful of my hair. He didn't yank it, but used it to steer me back to the bedroom. All the while, me begging for mercy and him explaining how I had just upped the ante.

He let go of my hair and began unfastening my jeans. I struggled, but to no avail. He managed to get them and my panties down rather quickly. He bent me over the bed and instructed me to keep my hands out of the way. I started to move, but he stopped me and held me fast. "Please, I'm sorry. I am. Please don't do this." My pleas fell on deaf ears. He brought the strap down swiftly across my left buttock. I squealed and tried to get away. He wasn't going to let me go anywhere. He landed three more strikes on the same bottom cheek. "Owww," I cried.

He was unmerciful in his pursuit. The strap landed over and over again. My bottom was on fire. I pleaded with him to stop, "No more. Please, no more." The sting of the strap repeated. "I'm sorry. Please . . ." My voice cracked as sobs fell from my lips. Tears filled my eyes and I was overcome. I cried and slowly, slowly stopped struggling. Suddenly I was still and the sobs subsided. The tears still flowed, but there was no sound. I was no longer fighting the strap, but actually welcoming its punishment. I had entered a different space. I was enveloped by its calm and comfort. The strap was my connection. I hoped it would never end. I had found bliss.

He recognized my state of being and took me just beyond it before tossing the Strap aside. His hands were gentle as he positioned me on the bed. He held me to his chest and I knew what it was I had wanted all my life. As I slowly emerged, I touched his face, looked into his eyes, and saw my future. God, I was happy at that moment. The happiest I had ever been with any man.

I opened my legs and my eyes begged him to fuck me. I needed his cock inside me. I needed him to take possession of me in a manner that had no substitute. He entered me gently, but I begged him to not be so. "Fuck me. Hard and fast. Fuck me. Please." His cock grew harder at the sound of my words and he plunged deeply and swiftly into my wet pussy. He pumped in and out of me with raw passion as I gripped and clawed at his back. I moaned in Ecstasy and invited him to cum. "Give me your cum. Please. Cum inside of me." A growl escaped him and he released his gift deep within the walls of my pussy. I cried. I had it all. Everything I had ever dreamed of and more.

naughi 43F

3/22/2006 3:03 am

You were a VERY bad girl and deserved all the punishment he gave you. I aplore your mind and your body, a great piece. Personally I would NOT have fucked you when you asked me to. I would have tied you down and played with your clit until you were beoynd begging me to fuck you. When the tears of joy were back in your eyes, when you were about to burst, THEN I would have fucked you while you lied back, then pulled you forward, bent you over and fucked you again.

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