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3/9/2006 5:46 pm

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Recently, I received a speeding ticket. It was only the third one of my life. Generally, I obey the laws (and my man), but on occasion I do get distracted. It was during just such a moment that I received this speeding ticket. I was preoccupied and simply did not realize I was exceeding the speed limit. The kind officer explained it to me within moments of pulling me over. I took the notice with grace and did not make excuses for myself. I don't believe in doing so when I know I am in the wrong. It added to the stress of my day though and I was very near a meltdown by the time I shut the books on that work day and went home.

What I would like to have happened was this:

Upon arriving home, I tossed the offensive yellow piece of paper into a stack of bills and mail on my desk. I was angry, not with the system, but with myself and with the way life had been going. I didn't want to waste any energy on the damn ticket. I'd think about it later, only when I had to. Fuck it!

Later, while talking to my man, I mention my day and the ticket. I'm still agitated and throwing my anger in any direction it will go. He asks what I plan on doing about the citation. I reply, "Nothing for now. I'll pay it later." He asks if I plan on taking Defensive Driving and my anger rises again. I hate having to waste time on such a mundane thing as that. I did so two years ago and it was a chore beyond reason. I am a safer driver than most. I do not break the laws for the most part. I had a bad moment in one day and happened to be caught. I'd be damned if I would waste my time taking a Defensive Driving course! I told him no, I would pay the damn fine. He mentioned my insurance and I fired back, "I don't give a shit. I've paid the damn insurance for over 30 years with no incidents. If they want to raise the rates over one damn ticket, so be it." My mood had taken me beyond reasonable conversation. I wish my man had said, "I know you're upset, but you need to understand right now that you will take Defensive Driving. You will not just pay this fine." I would have argued. I probably would have tossed that comment away with the yellow slip of paper, but I would have liked to have been held accountable in the long run. I would have liked to have been told to do what was best for me and expected to comply. I would have liked to have been spanked and whipped soundly when I forgot the ticket and realized it had gone into warrant. ~sigh I would have liked . . . to have had a man in my life that could have fulfilled that for me.

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3/10/2006 3:10 am

I would have gave you a good spanking with pleasure

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