A vignette: An Evening Out  

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3/9/2006 4:51 am
A vignette: An Evening Out

The production, Carmen, is one of my favorites and tonight, the performers are robust and the mood scintillating. The opera house is warm with the rich sheens of burgundy and red and the plush brocade on the seats. My senses are being teased into a heightened state and my body is responding in kind. The setting is very sensual, but as embracing as it is, I continue to harbor my sour mood. I have felt neglected by David over the past couple of days and no entertainment, no matter if it is Carmen, is going to make me relinquish my pout. I am, however, being somewhat subdued about it. David does not tolerate misbehavior from me and abhors pouting.

So, I had dressed to the nines when he had called, donning my black spandex dress with the sequenced, plunging neckline and back. Underneath, I am wearing thong panties to assure no panty line and a thin garter belt to hold my black silk stockings in place. My black leather heels raise my height by almost an inch and accentuate the muscles in my legs, as well as my ass. David likes the completed look and I like dressing to please David. Even when I was upset with him, I do so. It is my place.

So here we are, in the lobby at intermission exchanging niceties with those who pass. Someone who knows David approaches. It is a woman. She says, “hello,” as I carefully scrutinize her. She is pretty. Too pretty. Too tall and too brunette. Everything I’m not. As David introduces her, I slip a somewhat possessive arm in his. She works in his office. I listen as they talk, but grow more impatient by the second. I really feel as though I had been overlooked quite enough for one week. My poutish demeanor is becoming more apparent. My need for David’s undivided attention is stronger than my reason as I decide to put an end to their conversation. I am deliberately rude. “It’s been really nice to meet you … I’m sorry, I seem to have forgotten your name. No matter.” I smile very sweetly.
The woman responds with her name that I choose to ignore.
“Uh huh. But we are out for the evening. The two of us. I’m sure you understand.” I smile again. “Surely, you are with someone? They must be looking for you by now.” I abruptly try to maneuver David away from the woman.
But David is suddenly planted like a rock. He doesn’t budge. I glance at his face and his expression immediately reveals I have displeased him. His eyes are stern and I feel a shiver go up my spine as he responds, “Sharon. It has been nice to see you. Very nice. But if you will excuse us please, I have something I have to take care of. Right now.” Sharon just nods and David without hesitation, grasps my upper arm and hauls me away.
I am immediately sorry for my behavior. Now I am going to get a good tongue-lashing and no telling what when we get home. I try immediately to make amends, “David, I’m sorry, but …”
David does not allow me to finish as he steers me toward the back of the lobby. “Emily, I don’t want to hear it. You know very well I don’t tolerate this kind of behavior from you.”
I try to squirm from his grip, but to no avail. Several people glance in our direction and I feel the warm glow of a blush on my face. Perhaps he is taking me outside to chew my ass out. I hope so. No one will see us there. But David passes the exit and I am alarmed. Suddenly, I realize he is walking me toward the men’s room! I can’t do anything but gasp…”David!” He has never disciplined me in public. Surely he isn’t planning to start now! I try once more to free myself from his grip, but it only tightens.
“Emily, do not resist me!” He jerks me through the doors and past a couple of surprised glances and into a stall that offers some small amount of privacy. He sets a foot up on the toilet seat and shoves me over his leg. Before I can even attempt to escape, he pulls the black spandex up over my hips and delivers a sound swat to my bare backside. I let out a squeal.
I am taken completely by surprise. I gasp, “David…” He delivers another swat and another. They sting! I squirm and try to twist away, but he holds me fast. As he continues to administer my spanking, my bottom begins to burn. It feels like it’s on fire. I plead with him to stop, “Please. No more.” He does not respond, but continues. I try not to cry. I hate to cry, but finally my smarting ass gets the better of me and the tears drop from my eyes. There is no use. David has decided what my punishment will be and he will decide when it’s over. I grit my teeth and try to bear it. I know if I struggle now, he will only add to it. My cries are muffled.
Finally, when I think I can take no more, David stops. He pulls me upright and slides my dress back down over what I am now certain is a very red ass.
I finish straightening the dress and swipe at the tears on my face. I don’t want to look at him, but I do. I want a clue as to what he expects me to do next. My attitude has adjusted and I am once again very eager to please David.
David brushes a tear from my face and calmly says, “Now, that’s better. Now, we're going back out there and you will behave accordingly. "Yes?" I nod my head. "Yes, David."

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