I saw dead people.  

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7/6/2006 4:55 am

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I saw dead people.

My best friend from college visited over the weekend. I am pleased to report that, this time, she did not injure herself. She has a tendency to seriously hurt herself whenever we're together. A couple years ago, she tripped on New Year's Eve and severely sprained her ankle. Last year, she tripped and fell at the Landing in St. Louis and practically broke her nose. This time, the worse she had was a bruise or two from my dogs -- and she bruises ridiculously easily.

While she did not hurt herself, I was in fear of my life, as she informed me that she was going to kill me in my sleep for my boyfriend. My darling Seriously_Real Seriously_Real insisted on picking her up at the airport. She told me that she was coming up the escalator as he was going down the other side. She started checking him out, when he looked at her and said her name. After she got over her "Fucking figures," thoughts, he helped her get her bag and drove her to my house. (She was also terrified by his driving, so I don't feel so alone in that anymore).

He kept her company until I could get home at 8. I was so stressed out after two horrible days at work that he ran out to my car with a beer and made me drink it before I could talk to anyone. Then he went to pick up a pizza for us. As soon as he was out the door, she looked at me and said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but what the fuck did you do to deserve THAT?" I told her, in all honesty, I had no idea, but at this point, I wasn't going to question it.

He cooked us dinner on Saturday (pictured above) and I realized I was in even more danger than before.

He left on Sunday, leaving us to entertain ourselves. So on Monday, we went to "Bodies: the Exhibition" at the Civic Center. Apparently, we missed the point entirely. She saw a gland that she'd had removed when she was a child and yelled "Hey! It's me!" This just started a chain reaction -- I saw emphysema and called it "Dad," she saw breast cancer and said "Hi, Mom," and we both appreciated the smoker's lungs as me.

(An aside: next to the smoker's lungs, there was a four foot lucite box with packs of cigarettes dropped inside, and a sign over it that said "Stop smoking now!" Someone had put a carton of Virginia Slims in this box...I mean, seriously, who carries around a carton?)

Then we went to the Braves game -- and frankly, when it comes to baseball, I could give a rat's ass. Honestly, unless someone got hit in the head with a home run and had to be life-flighted out of the stadium, I wasn't going to give crap either way. That wasn't the point, though: another buddy of our from back-in-the-day, who neither of us had seen of (egad) 12 years, was in town visiting his family, so we all met up at the game. It was highly entertaining.

It was painful to go back to work yesterday. Ain't any easier today (hence me spending time writing this as opposed to drying my hair and getting my law on), especially since I have to drive to Tennessee tonight for a hearing tomorrow. Alas, I have no choice, as I am a responsible adult and I'm out of coffee.

Seriously_Real 48M

7/6/2006 11:35 am

I have often thought that the key to keeping a relationship going is to enlist the support of family and friends. And since you don't have family anymore (well, okay, there's the brother who breaks bones for money), the friends are Priority No. 1. When she came in, of COURSE I had to court her....she'll be my biggest ally when you finally figure out that I'm a fuckchop.

In all seriousness, of COURSE you deserve it. It's like punishment for the wicked, or something....

Karma works both ways, baby.


MoonRise9 58M

7/7/2006 11:39 am

"A couple years ago, she tripped on New Year's Eve" - that's brave of her. I don't think I'd ever take LSD on New Year's Eve.

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