The priest was so cute...  

Sarahwilling 36F
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6/11/2006 6:44 pm

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6/18/2006 9:28 pm

The priest was so cute...

I hope no one takes this as a lack of respect to anybody. I myself was raised Catholic and I take my faith seriously. You know, I am here, I enjoy sex but I think I am a good person. Today, Sunday, I decided to go to mass. I have not been in town that long, but there are only a couple of places where they have mass in Spanish where I live, so it was easy to choose.

So I arrived (late!) and the church was half-empty because Mexico was playing in the Soccer World Cup today. My surprise was that the priest was young and cute. I did not know they had them young and cute anymore -he looked my age. So it was a little difficult to concentrate on any of the things going on, and I have to admit my mind drifted a little bit So my question to you is this: Has it ever happened to you? (yes, a question mainly for girls, mind me). Have you ever entertained the idea of getting involved with a priest? or even, Did you ever have an affair with a priest?

On another note, dick#3 called back, despite I feel I mistreated him a little bit. I might see him again. I might stay longer next time around. I might let him leave the room faster than me. Who knows...

I also wanted to say I am reading mostly women's blogs -with just a couple of exceptions. There is one girl who is so much fun, with a very well written, interesting blog, mostly about sex but not always. Her blog is [blog kelli4u2dew]. I am beginning to look at her as an older sister. Kelli, you rock! My list of visitors to my blog is all males...girls: it would be nice to know at least some of you read me also!

Yours, Sarah.

rm_kelli4u2dew 41F
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6/11/2006 8:19 pm

Thank you for the kind words.

Your picture will attract the guys, but the writing will get women to visit and come back. Leave comments on others' blogs, and let them know you exist. It takes awhile to build a readership, and even the most popular bloggers only get about 1 comment for every 30 visiters.

As to your question, I've never been religious, so haven't had that experience. I'm afraid any fantasies I might have would be considered blasphemous.

florallei 99F

6/11/2006 11:37 pm

Hi...only heard a story on 20/20 about a priest who had a LTR with a married woman and fathered a couple of children...he now resides I believe in Canada...
I have not had lustful thoughts with anyone from the pulpit...I guess I just assume they are asexual LOL...I know that is not the case...
I will try to come visit your blog...Hugs

Choozmi 50M

6/12/2006 9:49 am

I'm here because I saw your comment on one of Kelli's blog posts.

At my church there have been several hunky priests. One was affectionately known as "Fr. Whatawaste." He looked like a movie star and had an incredibly warm, velvety voice. I'm not even gay and I got nervous around him. He now does fund-raising for a seminary (smart deployment of resources).

One of the nuns at my church used to play beach volleyball with the young adults of our parish on Mondays. She was young and cute and once I even caught a glimpse of her in a bathing suit (one-piece, of course). Then I felt guilty.

rm_MrRite23 45M
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6/12/2006 12:02 pm

i so agree with your post in the blogs. You get 300 emails and if you post sexy stories you get 600 views but as soon as you post serious stuff the views go down. I have seen that happen and wanted to say i am happy someone else noticed this as well.

Sarahwilling 36F

6/13/2006 6:25 pm

DustyWidget, what do you mean they sent you? Tell them next time to come themselves. You can come along if you want. Kiss --Sarah.

zanzibarus 38M

6/14/2006 9:00 pm

I was raised Catholic as well. As it is with you and the priest i was like that with the Catholic girls that would rock up to mass. Don't know what it was about them. I suspect the sin of it all was my turn on.

Having said that i don't go to church anymore. Religion isn't my strong point. Having Catalan parents, they effectively raised me to be more political than religious.

walkingdude001 46M

6/18/2006 6:53 am

I personaly have never had a thing for a priest. I do think its the whole "I wonder if i can corupt him" fantasy that probably really got you going. As I always say we really want that which we no can have. And that makes the desire stronger. Its like when you have sex the longer you put off the actual penetration the better it is when it gets there. Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with fantasy but we all know that sometimes it aint all we had hoped for when we get it.
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