Small, small world..........  

SarahSue65 51F  
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3/1/2006 2:55 pm

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2/2/2007 8:42 am

Small, small world..........

You'd think that with 150,000 or more people on-line at any one time, that it would be hard to come across the same people.......I guess my limitations makes the world a little smaller.......but I'm still surprised at how small is actually is.
I try to be a nice person........If someone does something to me that I don't like.....I try to get past it and move along. I don't talk bad about someone because it really brings me down more than it would ever hurt them. *shrug* It's not something new for me....just a lesson I learned and try to follow. Besides....Life is too short.
It's funny that how big of a place AdultFriendFinder still hear back when someone talks bad about you. Imagine that!! Sure it hurts.....won't lie....but it also makes me sad for the person doing the talking. After today, I'll be very gratefull that I found out....and will appreciate how very close of a call I had. *sigh*

Mr_pkg 51M

3/9/2006 8:43 am

Sarah. The sad thing is that there will always be trash-talkers. The good thing is that we can make the best of it. I always assume they don't really know what they're talking about. And I also feel good knowing that if I have trouble with someone, I'm willing to try to work it out rather than tear them down.

Bounce back! Have a good day in spite of them!

SarahSue65 51F  
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3/9/2006 11:07 am

Ahhh but when you work things out.......both parties have to be willing. I am....*shrug* or was......oh well! Wayyyyy too many people out there to play with, to let one person get me down. Already on to bigger and better things. Thanks for the kind words and love the orchid pics on your blog! S

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