So, I got this AFF account...  

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10/9/2005 2:12 pm

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So, I got this AFF account...

And I'm not sure what I should expect. Li, my darling boy, says it's working overtime for him, but then again, Li could get laid in a nunnery, or a monastery, depending on his mood that night, lol. So, if you looked at my profile, you know -why- I'm here; I'm looking for a girlfriend. Okay, so why do I want a girlfriend? Hmmm... let's start with being the only female in a house full of menfolk. And then there's that whole "I really like breasts and have none, so I need someone else's to play with" aspect. And hell, I just like girls. Guys too, but I think, with my husband and my pretty little gay friends (why do the prett ones always have to find me, btw? It sucks to go out dancing with guys who look better in make-up than I do.) I think i have all the men I need. After three, don't they make you throw one back?

So, about me. I'm 5'5", blonde/green/slender(or just plain skinny) and can be a bit of a bitch if I have to be. I cook... like, five course meals, cook. I train horses and give riding lessons. I'm married, and a mother. I sudy all the time, haven't gotten around to going back to school yet. Clepping a few classes at a time until I can go back full time. Yes, I am intelligent enough to do it, regardless of what they say about dumb blondes and young mothers. Contrary to popular belief, I had kids because I wanted to, not because I wasn't educated enough about birth control. I'm opinionated, and I like to spend time with people. I like discussions and debates, or just long rambling tangents about anything. My friends are crazy, but I love them fiercely. (It's a mutual arrangment.) I read compulsively and obsessively, in just about any genre. I am a livejournal user, under the name silenseshadow. I am also a writer under Angel_In_Shadow and AngelShadow. Hmm... I run a couple differet groups on MSN, and have an ever-growing list of hobbies that change at a whim and without notice.

Now, what do I want in a girlfriend... someone with a sense of humor. Sex is fun, and occasionally funny (ever try pouncing someone on silk sheets? Think Slip-N-Slide without clothes.) and should be treated as such. Someone with common sense, as I have no room in my life for needless drama. Someone who doesn't mind sharing, because you know? I really, really, really, REALLY enjoy watching someone's eyes roll back in their head when they get dragged off and double-teamed unexpectedly. And of course, someone who can get along with me, and the man of the house. *grins* Sex doesn't work if you don't have friendship as well. Someone who's clean goes without saying, right?

Anyway, anyone who reads is welcome to drop me a line, on here or on my other blog, which doesn't get get updated regularly, but I still check at least a couple times a week. let me know what you think about AdultFriendFinder, or anything, lol. Like I said, I like discussions and debates.

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