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10/10/2005 10:26 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Personality Tests

So, I got around to taking the AdultFriendFinder Personality Test. Apparently, I am a ENFP... *blinks*

There was something in there about the bounce of a cocker spaniel (detestable little dogs, now really) and the enthusiasm of a couple on their honeymoon not quite adding up to my zest for life. And then there was the whole more inclined to puppy love than commitment.

^.^ Now, I answered all those questions honestly. So how the heck did I get ENFP? I am so not an ENFP. I'm moody, difficult, and a hell of a lot of trouble at times, but I'm also outgoing, optimistic (when I'm not being a sarastic jade) and a hell of a lot of fun at times. Everything else falls in the middle. But then again, stranger things have occured, such as Quizilla saying I was Licorice Drops as my candy type. Or getting a dead frog for LJ's Trick or Treat meme. *pokes Li* You, my evil one, need to take that nasty thing back. Give me something useful instead, like, I dunno, a rosemary plant. The dog killed mine.

And now, back into the fray of housework and landscaping, as my lunch break is over.

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