Cleanliness is next to...  

SantaCruzNative 34M
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4/21/2006 10:32 am
Cleanliness is next to...

I've been putting off "the test" for a while now. Although I'm pretty careful, I usually get the requisite HIV sceening at least every other year. Anyway, I went to plan parenthood a couple weeks ago and got the whole "package deal", all the major diseases, and I was scheduled to get the results this morning. It always seems to take so long, sitting in the waiting room, watching the clock tick slower than normal. What was worse was that the doctor who gave me my results (the same one who drew my blood) started chit-chatting before he told me the test results. I was thinking to myself "oh, come on, seriously, the suspence is killing me". Of course I was very relieved when he told me I was all clean, but it makes you wonder. Do they do that just to bug you? I mean, they have to know how nerve-racking it is to be sitting there, not sure, while they make small talk. Aaaaaaahhhhh!
Ok, thank you, I feel better now.

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