Second Posting.  

Saneguy69 49M
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5/8/2006 7:46 pm
Second Posting.

Been here 3 days and a wink came in. A very nice lady, and I am very happy someone saw my profile. Still alittle retiscent about putting up a picture so, I will have to think more about that. Since I dont want to place an x-rated one up, I will have to look for one of myself. Being an Iroquis I dont have alot of pictures of me and I really dont want to take one of myself..spirit and all. I guess i could find one from the horse show this weekend and maybe put one up from that. Work has been murder and its only Monday..I hope the week gets better.

I am an avid Soprano's fan and have really enjoyed this whole season so far. From Tonies shooting at the hands of his uncle to Chris getting married. Growing up around folks like that, much of the show hits the mark.

Well as this is the second posting and I dont know where this is going I am thru for the evening..

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