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Saneguy69 49M
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5/12/2006 9:48 pm
Post 3

Where in the world can a single guy find a nice, sweet, freaky woman? Been all over the springs and it may be my shyness, but its very difficult to meet people here. I guess I need to go to social butterfly class or something.

Well enough of that. What to write to relax tonight? Cant think of a single thought stream, except maybe thought itself. While out today shopping I smelled a cologne on someone that brought a rush of memories back. Thoughts of a beautiful woman I once knew and left behind on the road of life. I wonder what she is doing now and how she is. Its strange how a sensory input like smell can trigger the brain to go and retrieve memories otherwise forgotten. The brain and the philosphy of thought really brings home the fact that as an analyitical computer the brain is as complex as it is mystifying.

We pack away experiencies which are recorded with a clarity we sometimes want and dont want. When they are recalled we react as if it just happened, and that can be very nice.

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