My Erotic Scene Mate - Is this you?  

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3/5/2006 9:35 pm

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My Erotic Scene Mate - Is this you?

Hi, I'm on a quest to find this one particular woman, maybe you know her? She's probably been wondering where I am too but we just haven't bumped into each other yet. Let me see if I can describe her for you...

She's been married before, maybe twice, has children that she loves dearly and has room in her heart for my children (grown) too. She's probably a neat freak like me but knows that with children around, life happens. She also knows these days are numbered and tries to make the most of them anyway, perfection can wait. She's a walking contradiction like interested in many things but is just as happy doing nothing sometimes.

She enjoys being out in God's good creation, getting a little dirty from time to time but loves to clean up for dinner in a great restaurant and a night at the theater...she's casual but well-mannered and can have a great conversation with people at a concert or on the bus.

I would imagine that she has a voracious appetite for good books and thinks the Discovery Channel is the coolest station on TV but she laughs heartily at the Sunday comics, Bart Simpson or Bernie Mac. She listens to whatever music suits her mood at the time and that can range from rock or country to jazz or classical. Ha, she probably even listens to NPR sometimes!

When she loves, she loves with her whole being but she's smart enough to know that it takes time for a relationship to get to that point and she's patient with the process. She's been on her own for a little while now and has dated enough to know what she's looking for and thinks she’s ready enough to not let him get away when he shows up. She’s happy with her life for the most part and thinks she’s about to have it all figured out.

Do you know this woman? Tell her I’m out here…waiting patiently and doing my own thing. I have a new role at work and although I may be a little pressed for time, if she shows up, I’m there and I’ll make time!

UrVenus61x 55F

3/28/2006 7:21 am

Looks like you found me

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