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When I re-join to this website, I was still desperation because I had a reason of a person... So I just wanted to talk to people because I felt so lonely and boring... I think I had fun when I talk to people especially at chat room. Some old friends said, "Welcome back Sam". It was really made me fine... Thank you for friends

I got a trouble last week. It was made me scare but some chat friends helped me. Then I got some plan this weekend but all plans were cancel. Then I visited to the chatroom last evening because I wanted to say "thank you" for some chat friends who helped me from a trouble. But all friends were not in there and I had chat with other people while..

I took a shower and wore the jeans and t-shirt already and start of drank of a beer before I visited to chatroom. I thought I will just relax in my room this weekend after I left the chat room...


One person visited to the chatroom... It was really made me surprised and fine too because I never talk to the person at the chatroom...


I had to hurry make up and change to clothes because I went to see the person last night. I didn't forget put of my perfume for him after I arrived at a station because he is like the smell

Long time no see but I was glad he seemed fine. Then... Yes I had really wonderful night and day with him, drive, drink of beer, smoke, listen to his favorite FM radio station, talking, coffee, and special thing...

These songs are knowing how much I was happy when I was in his nice arms...

* If I Ain't Got You / Alicia Keys

* Kiss Of Life / Sade

* Over Joyed / Stevie Wonder

* Song Bird / Kenny G


* What's Goin On / Marvin Gaye

I met to him in last autumn and then we had meet many many times... He gaves me a lot of memories already... Yes I really like him and he is my special... I never meet to a person like him, how much match to me... But I have to be understand he will be leave from Japan soon... But I thanksful for him how much he made me happy. I didn't think I could see to him again... But we did... I am really happy...

I think I will remember of our wonderful memories a little by little after he leave. It will make me still miss him but I have to be positive. I don't know I can see him again until he leave but if I can see him again, I will just to be honest and tell to him about my true mind...

Now, I can feel his smell and remember his cute face and pretty head in my heart and nose. And......still remember, how much he made me comfort and happy.

So I have to tell to people who sent me good comments about my legs, My "chopsticks" will be his only, now and from now on too. And his cute head is and I hope from now on too... I can't wait when I come to see him..but I don't know I can see or not until he leave from Japan.

I promise, if our friendship are more going well, I will leave from this website because I will not to be lonely..

I think, I will be nervous when I come to see him finally(if I get a chance) because tell to him of my true mind... But I will do my best and don't be hesitate...

Anyway, yesterday was my father's B-day and today is ex-bf is B-day. They were really hurt and cheat on me. But I thanks for my father because I am not alive in here if he doesn't married with my mother. But I will never forgive him because gave me and my mother and sister really really bad and sad memories until he left from us. I was 8years old when my father left.. So I just to say, "I am fine" for them without happy birthday greetings.

Dear: Friends,

Thank you so much for helped me last week(especially for Ms.AS, Mr.S, Mr.A) and sent me many E-mails people and friends.

I am feel "I am fine"

So, don't worry anymore...I am OKAY

Well, I will listen to my favorite music on Yahoo luanch and talk to my girl's friend while because she is waiting for hear my story..


P.S... Congratulation Japan Baseball team!!

I had excited watch of their game(Semi-Final) on TV and it was really happy to me because together with the person! I wish Japan will be get a first Champion of the WBC on Tuesday!!(=Japanese holiday)

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