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2/26/2006 6:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Be careful

I thought this weekend will be good to me because I am still tired with my work until last Friday so I wanted to spend relax and comfort and I could while.. BUT when I walked in the dark after drinking, I did fell down and hit my knees and face too...

When I woke up this morning, I was really surprised because my eye's place has big bruise! It seemd like a ghost...I think I am getting more ugly...

I tried to make up but it couldn't hide to my bruise. I went to see my friend today and then that a friend asked me, did you fighting? I said

I don't need alcohol or romantic things tonight... I just need someone care of me like a daddy.. Especially just rub of my head and treat like a baby and make me good sleep in his arms until next morning...

I wish it was you... I don't know what do you say if you look my bruise... Where are you now? Are you okay? and do you remember of me?...

Well, I will try to go to sleep together with my teddy bear... That a teddy bear is always good because keep but makes me feel so lonely sometimes because not to warm...

To all reader,
Thank you for reading my blog.
I hope you take care and have a wonderful week!

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grumpyj9 46M

3/5/2006 8:07 am

Sorry you fell down and got hurt (by now you should be all better and beautiful?? )have you found your teddy bear yet??? after reading you profile I think you should be on another site that is more for romantic dating and comfort ..... I made a mistake joining this site (and proved it by only getting one email

Well any way I hope you find what your looking for .... and be happy!!!

sorry for late reply to this but I just found it

good luck and hugs

teddy bear???

SamuraiPrincess2 49F

3/5/2006 6:01 pm

Hi Mr.grumpyj9,

Thank you so much for your comment.
I am feel better right now

I don't find a teddy bear yet and yes I know I am wrong join in here.. But I think serious website seemed boring(because sounds hurry to marriage..haha) and you know, good or wonderful and bad people stay in around of the world and on the Internet too. I saw a lot of good or bad people on the Internet(website) already so important is be careful of myself I got trouble from serious website before when I was join so I like to be calm right now.

And I have hurt(not on my face... just in my heart) and I am still nervous and scare about fall in love again. So just hoping have enjoy meet to new people who can be my friend(s). And if one person and I have feel good and match each other, it will be great and happy

I want to write more about this matter but it is my very personal thing so I just let you know, I am waiting for a contact from one person. I do wish the person is okay and still remember of me and our promise.

Please don't be sorry about late reply to the other day weblog okay? I am really glad when I found good comment from reader

Take care of yourself and have a nice day,

I wish your luck too!


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