Balance... The comfort of perceived equals.  

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7/25/2006 6:52 pm

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Balance... The comfort of perceived equals.

Not so much a statement of fact, but rather a question. I have felt in my life that I am smarter that most of those around me. Now for the moment please grant that it is a feeling or sense, not without support, but there are so many who know so much more, arrive at the answer faster, etc. So we go with it being a feeling. Also as a qualifier what is smart? I believe that it is a large group of characteristics, abilities and talents. Most of these mental gymnastic skills do not have a name or truly a way to measure them. So we go back to feelings.

I feel most comfortable in the company of equals. Once again the undefined qualities. There is a quality of intelligence that I have no name for but if I can describe IT well enough..... IT is a sharpness, acuteness, a rapid draw upon the focus of the problem or discussion, Frequently the fastest to laugh, the most painful pun, and often emotionally poignant. I.Q. test show these people because an I.Q. test examines problem solving and adroitness under pressure. ACT and SAT and IOWA tests tend toward how much knowledge you have gleaned or the memorization of facts. Great college entry scores are usually as a result of both, but some of the stupidest people that I have ever known have their Masters or PHD. They have studied hard and retain it well. I do not necessarily want them flying the plane that I am on. I wouldn't trust them with a political decision, or the conduct of their own personal affairs. The most egregious may be the psychology majors. They study it because they can't see it in themselves. I am not immune to that flaw. I live in a very glass house.

Too much talk . Too much preamble. I feel like I have an elephants quantity of IT. (Rhymes with you know what for a reason.) I have felt that on the playground of life, like an elephant on the seesaw waiting and hoping for someone to play with. My fat ass sitting on the ground never to know aerial delights.

Once their was Pam. She sat in the passenger seat of my car and I immediately felt a balance. IT. I proposed soon there after and ended with the job of Maid of Honor. One of the highest compliments ever to be paid to me. BUT SHE MARRIED ANOTHER! Shit! I didn't go to the reception. I couldn't.

There was Pat. Oh that was good. Months of occasional lunches, pleasant talks and IT or the result of IT snuck in through the back door. Heaven, nirvana, for one day. Just one.

Old style balance scales. In the US the blind goddess of justice carries the scales of justice.
The extreme comfort of sitting those scales and another and having no tilt no quiver, rock steady.

Do others feel this? This need for equals. That what I say and do can then be accepted without translation. Equal.

This is something that I do not know. I could really use some help here. What you know of me is limited to 6 blogs. With one comment. Even that reeks of something. The ladies comments in particular might be helpful. But one or two of my best friends, male friends, I feel some of this as well. What do you feel when sitting with an equal? What do you feel when sitting with someone who is not equal? Either more IT or less IT.

Please, I need to know.


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