A weekend full of surprises.  

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8/14/2006 7:20 pm

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A weekend full of surprises.

The weekend was very much as planned and as weather is wont, wind directions held their own council, but the sunrise occurred exactly on time as did the sunset. Some things, at least, were as expected and the rest was life at its best, new people and places and vastly unexpected happenings.

The butterflies with maybe a dozen exceptions delayed the start of their migration. How can anyone blame them, the weather was wonderful. The wind that was supposed to be from the north blew from the south and then Sunday's southern breeze found a way to sneak in from the northeast. It did not matter, it all was good. I am learning to receive my gifts with either hand and enjoy them.

When I opened my Gmail box in the wee hours of Monday, that is when I arrived home. There were two emails from my Mother in Florida. Emergency surgery for my Step Father and some bleeding that did not want to stop. Cancellation of their annual trip north to Michigan and a single sentence of her final chemotherapy treatment for inoperable lung cancer to be administered today, Monday.

My Mother and Father divorced when I was 10 or 12 years and when each remarried, I ended up with four parents. I love and honor my two step parents.They each love me, they each yell at me for my failings (They should both be long since hoarse and of failing voice. But I've been so good!), and I truly do have four parents.

And this afternoon I received a call from my Step Mother telling me that on Saturday my Father had a massive heart attack. I just returned home from the hospital an hour or so ago. For you that know; no clot busting drugs, no stents, veins unsuitable for grafting, couldn't even reach the heart to release the dye. He is alert and awake and three sisters are en route as we speak. Each flying from their thousands of miles distant.

He is an uncommon man, my Father. He may allow surgery but more likely, he is very knowledgeable, he will sign a DNR and request his release. No heroics, no whimpers. My Father. We will see.

Now I am going to tell you something quite unbelievable. I am over fifty years. In that time my immediate family has lost my Grandmother. She died in about 1980. 86 years and died of a fall from her roof. She was up repairing shingles.
There have been other deaths, of course, of friends, my wife's family, but within my bloodline, just my Grandmother.

They tried to make up for lost time this past weekend. Everyone still lives but I can see that we will now begin celebrating dawns instead of birthdays.


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