SafeEroticSexfl 62F
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6/12/2005 9:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Why do men contact women and write them when they live in another state or show interest and then u never hear from them again.

redmustang91 57M  
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6/12/2005 10:07 am

I don't do that except to say hot pic or thanks for the blog comment. Pointless and stupid. Some may want a long distance panpal but I do not understand why.

Lots of people like to flirt, but are afraid to act on their impulses or get distracted by someone else. People can be so stupid and rude! Why I like dogs and horses.

CurrySisalChomp 52M
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6/12/2005 10:46 am

*laughs* Well, the short answer is that we do it because we are Men. *shrugs* A large subset of us like the 'idea' or 'fantasy' of a secret tryst with a woman. Then, acting on it is a further step that moves beyond the simple fantasy idea. There is some sort of wall there that we are hesitant to cross.

I've never understood to flip-side of that - Why do women that I contact, and that respond (at least by accepting a network invite), never (well,.. almost never) seem to respond to further contact?

I'm not trying to be critical and hope that you find a good answer.

mygmyg 59M

6/12/2005 11:26 am

S.E.S. We, men, are the fickle pickle! Just kidding! sorry, not meant to be dismissive or disrespectful to you.

You have an attractive picture posted and this is going to get responses from many men, and unfortunately most are standard members. There is a difference in the male and femele viewing abilities on the site. Males don't have the ability to view profiles or send emails without jmoing through some hoops. I.E. posting stories/wues. on the magazine/journals.
So if they have done the "work" and achieve the ability to contact, we are pretty worked up and in most cases a new member and have many misconceptions about the Ladies on site. This misconception is due to the site advertisements, a small part, the rest is a males overamped desire, lust, fantasy, etc.

As far as why men disappear after contact? Short attention span, chickens, A-holes, the list goes on, and on and on!

S.E.S. you have found a better way of meeting some great folks, both men and Ladies, The Blogs and the Comments. Commenting will avail you to many new folks here, and also are a good way to see under the covers so to speak as to what a person is about.

the big issue then will be finding a blogger/commenter in your area! But this will happen, as you will be still receiving mail from prospective men, direct the ones you might be interested in getting to learn to your blog and comments, And tell them to get back to you after reading your blogs/comments.
This will weed out the fickle, hit and miss guys!

Again you are a very attractive Lady, be patient and choosy, your in a catbird seat!!

rm_JamminJ351 47M
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6/12/2005 10:30 pm

Sometimes it is for the fact that a guy just wants to be able to have options in an area he frequants. This could also be said of flight attendants...

niceguy0563 53M
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7/3/2005 11:04 am

I see the picture of the poster and I see why theres hook up problem.
As far as contact from out of state? A guy will travel to the end of the universe to make love to a smokin babe.
Rember(All geeks think about is SEX)

niceguy0563 53M
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7/3/2005 11:06 am

please forgive typo I ment to type i can't see why theres hook up problem

rm_LV2SK77 60M
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7/6/2005 5:59 am

I think mygmyg has it right... the ladys are in the "cat bird seat"... as usual... and want it both ways... just as in face to face contact... dress in "fuck me" clothes and then get upity when a guy they don't like approches them... the ladys here post these wild pictures... and then complain when they get umteen million responses... and hide behind auto reply emails and can't possibly reply to all... it is very frustrating for all concerned.

I haven't figured it out... that's for damn sure... I've never been into fishing and this "post and hope" is just that "fishing"... put some bait on the hook and hope for the best.

Good luck... tc

HungNfl 51M

7/16/2005 5:52 am

That annoyance is not exclusive to "men writing".. On a few occasions I have been contacted by women claiming to be visiting my area, have children in my area, etc.. then after one or two chats never hear from them again. It could be I did not appeal to them but if that was the case I never detected it during chats. I formerly lived in Florida, frequently travel to Florida and am considering relocating back to Florida, therefore, I have contacted women from those regions too.

maynard1936 80M
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9/17/2005 6:41 am

One of the things that happens is that a guy gets frustrated after a a selective search and then resorts to what I call the "salesmans" philosophy - you're bound to make a "hit" if you send an email out to the world. Another point is that many men don't read (nor spell) - if they see an interesting picture they don't check the profile. A major problem is that many profiles are very misleading, especially when accompanied by a provacative picture, and a man (including me) can't always decipher what a woman is really saying.

Your profile and picture are very specific and definitely not misleading. Good luck in your search.

SafeEroticSexfl 62F

2/22/2006 3:12 am

As you can tell by the date I haven't looked at my blog lately. Thankyou for your comments. Very intelligent and in depth. Here is one for you. I was dating someone for about 9 weeks. All was well, so I thought and he gave me no indication otherwise. WE did not meet on this site but he broke up with me in an EMAIl. Of all things. He told me he had alot on his plate and didn't think he could do a long term relationship. B.S. His ad was still on the dating site. Do men think women are that stupid ? This one must of but he certainly is the loser.

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