The Dentist (Part 4)  

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The Dentist (Part 4)

The Dentist
Act IV

“OH, God! What have I done?”

Doc’s mind was screaming as he felt Donna’s hands behind his head. He stops his munching and slowing looks up, expecting the worst. To his surprise, she was still asleep. Her hands must have fell behind his head as he was moving it in circles between her legs. Without a second thought, Doc quickly rises and gently closes Donna’s legs. He then moved to his desk and grabbed her information form and read the contact number she wrote down. Doc Called her sister and let her know that everything has gone well, but her sister is still groggy from the pills, could she please come and pick her up as soon as possible. Sis told Doc that her boyfriend will there in 15 minutes. Doc said, “ Fine, just have Mrs. Johnson call him tomorrow to schedule a follow up appointment next week, just to make sure everything is o.k.”

Dr. Richards hangs up the phone and goes to the sink and runs some water as he looks at himself in the mirror. He takes a paper towel and washings Donna’s love juices from his face. He says to himself, to bad you cannot wash away the guilt of what you have just done, you pervert!
Suddenly the stirring and moaning of the woman in the chair turn his thoughts of anguish, into terror. He composes himself and asked Donna how does she fell?
Groggily she mumbles that she is a little sore and woozy. He told her that her ride should be here in minutes and that she should take it easy this weekend and to come back next week for a follow up appointment. Of course if you have any problems over the weekend, please feel free to call on my cell and I will do my best to accommodate you. “Thank you doctor” Donna said, as her friend walks in and escorts her out the door.
Doc locks the door behind them and turns out the lights. Walks back to his office; plops done in his chair, opens his desk drawer and pulls out a bottle.
“Fuck!” he shouts, and begins drinking.

Next, morning he awakens to the ring of his cell phone located in his jacket pocket hang on the door. He cannot believe that he allowed himself to get drunk and fall asleep in his office. Good thing it is Saturday. He staggers over to his jacket and fumbles for the phone, and utters “Hello… Dr. Richards speaking”. There was silence on the other end, yet he did distinguish breathing on the other end, after repeating the greeting two more times, the caller hung up without saying a word.

In his hung over state, he just regarded the call as a waste of time and proceeded to head home to finish fantasizing and guilt tripping in the privacy of his own apartment.

It seemed like an eternity for him to get across town to his Townhouse. No food, no hot tub, and definitely no more drinking…straight to bed. Like a mighty superhero, he seemly striped off all his clothes in one swoop and crashed face first into the pillows of his bed.

When he awakens, his body is covered in sweat. He rushes to the bathroom and ex-spells the bitter liquor and with it some of the thoughts that haunted him through out his sleep. His dream was a mingled mess of thoughts as to one moment he was groping and licking this beautiful woman and the next he knows is that this brute called Big Ernie is sodomizing him in his cell, just because he didn’t want to give up his cornbread, just like Eddie Murphy did in the movie “Life”.
“Doc, you truly fucked up,” he said to himself. He walked to the kitchen and told there with the door of the fridge open, as if some magic grocery genie was going to refill it for him. He grabs the left over chicken concoction he made the night before in the wok and warmed it up in the microwave oven.
“ Oh well, maybe I can caught the last few minutes of the Michigan-Ohio game,” he said as he sat on the couch washing down day old chicken with a flat Pepsi. He started off watching TV and ended with the TV watching him, as his cell phone once again rings. He walks to the room to get it, but it stopped ringing before he could pick up. Doc noticed that he had three messages waiting. First message was from his boy, Ron wanting to know if he wanted to hook up at the club tonight. Hm.., might as well have a few flings before I head off to prison, its not like Big Ernie is going anywhere, he chuckles to himself, the next message was just a long space of silence, ending with a huff and a click. The third message was like the second, only a “huh” was added for flavor.
“Man, you know it gots to be some female trippin” he said out loud, “And I am afraid to guess who”

Doc begins to strip off his clothes and head to a much need shower. He pauses before the full-length mirror, admiring his athletic form. Posing and flexing his muscles like a body builder, he chuckles to himself, which helped lighten his sober mood. He enters the shower, the water is hot and the room was steamy to his liking. The soap and the heat stimulated his senses, as the warm suds flowed over his barrel chest and back. His strong buttock and thighs welcomed the stimulations of the washcloth cleansing away grime of yesterday. Trimmers ran through out his body, when he caress his large testicles and began washing his penis. He closed his eyes and stroke himself as he relived the moments of last night. Remembering the texture of her skin, the smell of her perfume and the taste of her body brought him to climax. Re-soaping and washing away the evidence of his passion, he gets out and begins the process of getting ready, for what he believes will be his last night out as a free man.

This concludes the Episode “The Dentist”, but stand-by for the further adventures of Doc in the upcoming story “The Club”

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