The Dentist (Part 3)  

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The Dentist (Part 3)

The Dentist
Part 3
Three Buttons…
Small and resting in slots slightly worn out from time and washing. Doc notices that the threads on some of them are thin and are barely supporting the buttons. Without even thinking, he grasped the top button between his thumb and middle finger. He steadied his hand and with a twist and a slight exhaled breath, it was free. Slightly pulling away the material, more of her firm flesh is exposed. Without hesitation: Doc’s fingers were already on the second button. Again, with a twist and exhale, freedom has been granted and rewarded as Doc clawed away enough material to expose her plump nipple. The cool office air stimulated it to full erection, as Doc felt his lips gravitating to its tip. Like a landing plank, he extends his tongue to dock with the dark area of her breast. Like pilgrims rolling over the shores of Plymouth Rock, The saliva rolled from his tongue as he suckle as much of her big tits that his over stretched mouth could handle.
Terror struck his heart, for he thought that he felt Donna moved. He slowly looked up, and to his relief, her eyes were still closed. With the sweat from his brow rolling in to his eyes, he patiently wiped off her chest and re-buttoned her blouse. He wiped the sweat from his brow with his sleeve and straightens his lab coat. He feels ashamed of himself, but has the sense of being, to try and cover his tracks. He looks around and tries to make sure that everything was in order. Blouse, check. Instruments Check.
Erection, Hmm. work in progress. Pencil on floor, better gets it before somebody trips over it.
As he bent down to retrieve the pencil, Temptation once again rears its ugly little head. For the good doctor has noticed that in her sleepy and relaxed state, Donna’s legs were spread a little more apart. What made matters worst is that he still had his head flashlight on, which illuminated the entire area under her skirt. Like a deer trapped in the headlights, there it sat. It looked like a ripen peach, resting between the two limbs of a long golden tree.
Inside his head, Doc’s mind is screaming conflicting messages to him.
“Get out of there!!” “The clock is ticking” The time is almost up”” She can wake up anytime now, don’t be a fool” “Save yourself” “Hey, take a picture,(it will last longer!). “Hey don’t listen to that guy, think of your career” “Go for it” “No…no, no this is wrong”

This was all he was hearing as his head slowing glided between and up her thighs. Her legs parting as water parts in the path of a great ship. Slowly he sailed until his lips smacked into the walls of the great peach. His tongue, once again, became the gang plank, as he probe the prickly surface of her shaved cunt. His tongue, circling and circling… licking and probing. He was so caught up in his passions that he did not notice her hand was now resting on the back of his head.

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