The Dentist (Part 2)  

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The Dentist (Part 2)

The Dentist
Part 2
Donna sits in the chair patiently as she waits for the effects of the drugs to kick end. The Doctor and nurse discussed the procedure, and concluded that it was going to be very routine and that there was no need for her to stick around much longer. The Doctor turned to Donna and started asking her questions. The nurse exited and locked the front office doors, leaving Donna to mumble her response to the doctor as she drifted off to a deep and sound sleep.

The doctor was quick and quite skilled in his technique. He repaired Donna's tooth and with time cleaned her teeth and filled three cavities. As the doctor cleaned up after the procedures, he could not help but to notice her beautiful his patient was, lying there, dozing in the chair. It would be another 30 minutes before the effects of the drugs would wear off, so this was enough time for him to sit down and finish doing his paper work.
As he sat down across from her, he could not help but to notice her cleavage, as her chest rose and fell as she slept. She must have been in a great hurry and a lot of pain, because it is obvious that she did not have time to put on a bra under that sheer silk blouse.
Shamefully he looks away, and started writing his report again. He pauses again and looks slightly up again at Donna. Doc makes another observation as his patient slept oblivious to the world, that she was wearing a very short skirt and that her legs were slightly opened. Disgusted with himself, he forcibly turn his entire body from looking at her and in doing so knock his stack of pencils off his desk. He then got down on the floor to retrieve his writing tools, when he notices one between her feet.

Doc, looked up at the wall clock and notice that there was still fifteen minutes before the drugs would begin to wear off. He placed his light back on his head and walked over to Donna to re-exam her mouth. Touching her soft lips sent a heat wave up his arm. He opened and examined her eyes to make sure her pupils were o.k. As he was leaning over examining her mouth, he couldn't help but noticed that his forearm was partially resting on her right breast. Again a heat wave surged through his arm, followed with a slight shiver as if in an outer body experience, he watches as his hand slowly glided over her neck and stopped hovering over her right breast. He feels the static charge of electricity as he moved his hand over her plumb orb.
For what seemed like an eternity, his hand, spread like a headless bird, rested gently upon her breast. This time the heat wave has engulfed his entire body. He at first gingerly, and then boldly start massaging her large full breast, allowing the material of her blouse to ripple through his fingers. The blouse was loose fitting, in an odd attempt to disguise her breast size. Three buttons separated the doctor from observing what his probing hands only gave a clue to the bounty that lies beneath.

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