The Dentist (Part 1)  

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The Dentist (Part 1)

The Dentist

It is 7:00 a.m. and Vance is awaken by the muffled moans of his wife Donna lying besides him. Last night she was complaining about the discomfort she was feeling in her right molar. She used some Ambosol on the tooth before she went to bed and stated that if it isn't better tomorrow, she will go to the dentist. Without missing a beat, the two got dressed and went straight to the Dentist Office. It was early and surprisingly full that morning. The nurse stated that indeed this was quite unusual for a Tuesday, but Doctor Richards will try to see Donna because it was an emergency. 30 minutes has passed and Vance and Donna were getting impatient. Finally the nurse called for Donna and escorted the two of them into the back office. Even though in pain, Donna could not help but notice the handsome young black doctor. He politely introduced himself and gave Donna a quick exam. He told them that she would have to fill this prescription and allow some of the swelling to go down, Although it is Friday and he is closed during the weekend, if the problem persist to page him and he will meet them at the office as soon as possible. As they were leaving Donna could not help but notice that the young doctor was checking out more than her dental x-ray as she was walking out the door.

Vance, working the evening shift, dropped his wife off at home and reluctantly went to work.. Donna said that she would be fine. She has the medicine the doctor prescribed and that if she is still hurting, she will get her sister to watch the kids and go down to the dentist.
After sleeping most of the day, Donna awakens to a throbbing jaw. She calls Vance on his cell phone to let him know that her sister is on the way to the house and that her sister's friend is going to drop her off at the dentist office. Vance, asked if she wanted him to ask his boss to let him off, so that he can drive her home. She said, "Don't be silly honey, I will just have sis friend come back to pick me up, seeing that they will be hanging over our house watching movies with the kids. I will tell them to make sure they leave you a plate in the microwave for when you get off work tonight". Vance, said okay, see ya when I get home, even though it might be real late, because we have a lot of equipment to set up. She hangs up and proceeds to the dentist office. She looks at her watch and notice that it is 15 minutes before the office closes and asks her friend to step on it as she tries to call the dentist office and alert them of her arrival. The nurse picks up and stated that they were on their way out the door and would have to check with the doctor for further instructions. Doctor Richard agreed to stay, but asked Nurse Green to stay just a few minutes longer to help prep the patient. Grudgingly, the nurse agreed for a few more minutes, because she had to go pick up her son from daycare and they only allow you so much time to get there. The Doctor said regardless, when the clock hits 5:00 you can go, I will handle the rest and thanks for your help.

Donna pulls up and thanks her friend for the lift and will call back when the doctor is done. She walks into the office and the nurse directs her to the chair. Dr. Richard exams Donna's x-ray, as the nurse preps Donna for the procedure. Donna is very nervous and asked a million questions. Seeing her anxiety the doctor told her that he will give her a pill that will allow her to sleep through the whole process, but she is not allowed to drive home until it is fully worn off. He asked will your husband be coming to pick you up? She said no, but her sister's friend will once she has called him. The Doctor smiled and said very well, and gave Donna the pill.

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