The Beach (Part1)  

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The Beach (Part1)

The Beach

“One a.m. Last call” announced the DJ over the microphone.
“Man, it is still early, this club use to stay open until Three a.m.”, Said Silvia.
“Yea, back in the day this use to be the bomb, until trifling Negroes started acting a fool in the parking lot. Now the city makes them close down early and believe me there a gang of cops outside waiting to bust heads and give tickets for D.U.I’S”, said Donna.
“Hell the party don’t have to end now, we can all head out to our beach house and extend it for a few more hours” said Chris.
“I don’t know it is getting late,” said Donna. “And I told your brother that we’re not going to stay out too late” Donna said to Toni.
“All Girl, forget my tired old brother, he always be trying to block my fun. I just turned 21 tonight and I am fully legal and ready for fun. Besides Silvia is coming too and these guys seem straight” Said Toni.
“Yea Donna, it’s cool, we both will make sure that everything is straight up, because between these big boobs and fat ass lies a black belt and I ain’t afraid to use it”, Said Silvia.
“Baby don’t worry, isn’t nothing going to happen that you don’t want to happen” Said Ron as he grabs Silvia around her waist and gives her a peck on the cheek. She gives him back a smile and a look as to say “he better behave himself”.
“Besides, we even got a doctor to come with us, how much safer can you get” Said Ron.
Donna looks at the small band of partiers as they all waited on her response, as though she and she only had the power of life and death (of the party) in her hands.
“Well, the kids are spending the weekend at your mother’s house and Vance left this morning to go hunting with buddies, I…” Said Donna.
“I ‒ I nothing, no need for you going home to that house to spend the entire weekend alone. Do something for Donna for once, hell do something for me, because I am in no condition to drive and I ain’t leaving my Lexus in this neighborhood!” exclaims Silvia.
“First of all, putting a bumper sticker called “Lexus” on your Hyundai does not make it a Lexus. But you are right, I could spare a hour or two” Donna said to Silvia and then looked at Toni, “but no funny business”
“Cool, let’s roll” Said Ron and Chris in unison.

The night air seemed to revitalize the partiers, even Donna, as the two cars headed for the beach. Silvia and Ron were singing out of tune to an Isley’s Brothers song that came over Silvia’s radio. Doc sits in the backseat with Donna, watching her from the corner of his eyes as she kept her eyes focused on Chris and Toni cruising ahead in his convertible. Her expressions of concern for her sister in law were soon replaced by the awe of the beauty of the coast at night. The House was itself a thing of wonder, tinted glass windows framed in tall white angled beams. It actually looked as though it was coming out of the rocky shelf that it was built on. Its beachside exposure, elevated several feet above ground, had a beautifully white staircase going down to the lower deck. A long boardwalk, shared by three other houses on the beach, led to the docks for which several expensive boats lined their sides.
Ron pointed out his uncle’s 45-foot sailing yacht, “The Banta Jomo”.
“It just arrived two days ago; my uncle was entertaining his political connections and decided to dock it here for the weekend before heading back to Jamaica.” Said Ron.
“Is that where you’re from? Asked Silvia.
“No, Chris and I were born and raised here in the Keys; our family owns a hotel and major stock in the sugar cane plantation near by. I guess you can say that we are the first generation Americans in our family”
“Sugar huh, is that why you are so sweet? Teased Silvia. Donna joined in the fun, “Be careful, girl, you know all that sweetness tends to run straight for your hips”
Ron looks over to Silvia and says, “I’m counting on it”
“Oohh!” Silvia responds in mock shock. “Sweetie…” rubbing his inner thigh, “All that sweetness in my coffee is going to give somebody a toothache!”
“Well, good thing we brought a dentist with us, cause he knows everything about filling up a cavity, don’t cha Doc?” said Donna looking at Steve and then back at Silvia as she was slapping her hand in laughter.
“Steve leans forward as if he was going to whisper in Ron’s ear, but spoke so all could hear, “ Good thing I got the tools and the skills to handle the job. I would hate for anybody to leave here unfulfilled.”
“Girl you better watch out” Shouted Silvia.
“Naw, you better watch out,” yelled back Donna.

The cars pull up the circular driveway. The partiers all exit the vehicles and enter the house. The Living room interior was done in off white and polished light oak finishing. One wall had an impressive white stone fireplace, with three large plush couches facing it in the sharp of a “U”. They walked straight through to the glass doors that lead to the stairs, down to the beach. 100 yards away the neighbor’s house was lit and music could be slightly heard from there. Obvious they two were enjoying the evening with friends. Other than that they had the entire beachfront to themselves. Steve and Ron created a small bonfire on the beach, while Chris went on board the boat to see if there was any liquor or food on board. Ron seeing him on deck shouts up to him in a bad imitation of Captain Bly, “Mister Christian, your report please.”
Chris responds, “Captain, I am sorry to report that we are short on supplies. I have only can goods and a half bottle of Rum in store.”
“This is an out rage!!” Shouts Ron. “Who ever is responsible for this should be hanged! They should be flogged! They should not be allowed to ever get their groove on again!”
Everyone was laughing at these two fools clowning, Silvia and Toni joined in and in fake despair clung on to Ron and said, “Oh, great captain what ever shall we do? Without food or drink on this God forsaken island, we shall surely perished”
“Now, now ladies” Ron responds. “Don’t worry your pretty little heads, Mister Christian!”
“Sir” Chris responded by coming to attention and a sharp salute.
“Organize an away party to enter yonder house and secure rations for this festivity and make haste!” Command Ron.
“Aye-aye, Captain” Chris said with a salute. “Ok, mates let’s get to it”
“Me and this bountiful lass will go aboard and fetch all the cooking gear, and oh, don’t forget to bring down my CD player and my special mix CDs”
“Where are they?” asked Chris.
“Just look around, I know they are up there” said Ron.

So the group headed towards the house, Ron and Silvia ran up the steps to the boat. Silvia giggling as Ron was pinching her bottom on the way. Chris turned to Steve and said, “ Hey while me and Toni get the food and drinks together, you show Donna the house and look for the CD disks.”
“How do you feel about that?” Steve asked Donna.
“Sure, this house is truly great, let’s go.” Donna said cheerfully.
“Ok you guys handle that and meet us back on the beach with the stuff” said Chris.
Steve escorted Donna down the hall, explaining the history of some of the artifacts that were being displayed throughout the house. Donna was quite impressed with Doc’s knowledge of African art and history. Along the way they discovered several CD disk, which Donna held in a bag on her shoulder. Donna asked where is the restroom, Steve pointed to the end of hall, as he entered a room that was clearly the un-keeped room of Ron’s. Jokingly Steve tells Donna, if I don’t come out alive, tell my mother I love her. Takes a deep breath and rushes in. Donna laughs as headed down the hall to the restroom.

Meanwhile back at the beach, Ron starts the engines of the boat as Silvia softly beacons to Toni and Chris, “Hurry up, we are about to go.”
“We’re coming, it just that for a minute there I thought Doc was going to punk out on us” said Chris.
“Naw, Doc is straight. I guess in a way he got the bad in of the stick, because he is stuck back at the house with miss attitude and oh my…I forgot to give him my car keys!” chuckled Ron.
“Ya’ll are so wrong!” exclaim Silvia.
“That is what she gets for trying to block my fun, ain’t that right boo,” said Toni as she nuzzles up and kisses Chris.
“ Well Ladies, sit back and get ready for a memorable three hour cruise, a three hour cruise” Said Ron.
“So which one of us is Ginger or Mary Anne” Toni said smartly.
Chris snaps back, “ I don’t know, Mrs. Howell had the money and hat thing down”
“Well, I go your Love-v right here!” Toni shouted as she chased Chris below deck.
“I feel bad doing my girl like that, she is going to be so pissed at us when we get back” said Silvia.
“Hey, hey no regrets” Ron said as he pulled her close. “She seemed like a smart girl, she knew what time it was when she came out here, besides my boy Doc will handle things until we get back. If not oh well, why kill our fun over something we can’t change until we return.” He kisses her and she glides behind as he takes hold of the wheel and guided the boat towards the bay.

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