Fantasy Farewell- The End  

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Fantasy Farewell- The End

Fantasy’s Farewell

The fire danced around the wood, casting its light and shadows upon the walls of the room. Donna rises and collect her clothes silently, as Doc lies slumbering on the rug. She smiles as she observes the look of contentment upon his handsome face. “Donna Jamine Green, you should be ashamed of yourself, whipping it on him that good” she said and giggled to herself. She steps in the bathroom and washed off the evidence of their night of passion. She stood before the mirror, combing her hair and softly humming to herself, when out of the corner of her eye she spied that she was being watched through the partially opened door. Her heart leaped in her chest as Steve smoothly moved into the bathroom and kissed the side of her neck. Once again the flames in her belly rose, but she gently pushed him away as his strong arms reached to circle her waist. Donna, turns to face Steve and with a sad smile said, “ I got to go, and I think it is best that you get dress and wait for your friends to return.”
Steve said, “ I agree, but how will you get home?”
“I already called a cab while you were sleeping and tell them that I was very pissed at them for leaving us like that, I am going to cuss them out when I see them, that ought to keep them out of my face for a while” said Donna.
They approached the front door just as the cab was heard rolling over the gravel pavement. As Steve reached to open the door, Donna turned on her heels and said, “Oh by the way…”
Slap! Steve eyes glared in amazement at Donna as she spoke, “ What you did in your office to me was both unethical and totally unprofessional. I am a lady and I do not appreciate being disrespected. I am not some common thing that men can just put their hands on at well. My body is by permission only, all violators will be dealt with, understand me?” She said looking sternly into his eyes. Steve looks back at her painfully puzzled at her actions and responds with a gentle nod as he rubbed his cheek and walked her out the door. He told there in the driveway as she opened the cab door and slide inside. Just as the cab was about to roll away she looks at him through the window and mouthed the words, “Thank you.”

Steve stood there for a while in the drive way, puzzle, amazed, and strangely liberated as the slowly rose before him. He walked back into the house and started cleaning the living room. He walks out to the balcony and peers through the telescope on the deck. He spies several boats approaching the harbor. One he quickly identified as “The Banta Jomo”, the boat of his friends. He walks into the kitchen and starts preparing breakfast, looking out the window now and them to monitor the boats approach to the shore. Steve was going all out. Bacon, sausages, eggs, grits, pancakes and plenty of hot coffee, knowing his friends, he knows that they were going to need it, besides he figures its hard to ask too many questions when you’re competing to stuff your face. He grabs a cup of coffee and first inhales its aroma before taking a deep sip. He sits on a stool, staring into the oily black surface of the strong brew. Allowing his mind to flow with the swirls that he made as he stirred his cup.

Images of passion flashed before him as he allowed his mind to reflect upon every touch and every taste. His flesh rose as he relived the sensation of his manhood, slowly and firmly penetrating her body from behind. Feeling her buttock quiver each time he enters and retracts out of her. Re-fighting the feel of panic of suffocation when she sat on his face and rode to climax.
Her large round breast rolled and jiggled from each impact of their bodies. Her eyes were like a dark tunnel that the more you peered within, the greater was your fear of becoming lost within them.

“ Hello…ooh, something sure smells good,” said Toni.
“Hey, Dog! Good looking out, brother is starving!” said Chris.
The group walked in looking a bit worn from their late night rivalry.
Silvia looked at Steve with a concerned look. “Where is Donna?”
“Uh, she left right after the boat left the harbor.” Said Steve.
“She was mighty pissed huh?” ask Toni.
“Yea, yaw can say that.” Steve said as he rubbed the red mark on the said of his face. “ She said that she has choice words for you two ladies when she sees you.” He added.
The two women look at each other worriedly and then Toni broke “Well, out of sight, out of mind… pass me some of those grits, I’m dying over here.”
“ Yo Dog, sorry about putting you in that spot, I didn’t think that old girl was going to trip like that” said Ron.
Steve grabs a plate and as he was filling it up, he stated, “ Just as well, I didn’t think it would be a good ideal to mix it up socially with my patients any way. That is if she will still consider herself as one. I think I might have lost her business and bruised my rep behind this.” Said Steve.
“Don’t worry about it, you can have my business, because both these pancakes and my baby here are so sweet, I’m getting a toothache” laughed Silvia as she reaches over and kisses Ron on the cheek. They all continued to dine and Steve listened to their stories and misadventures concerning the Island party. As the eating and conversations continued, now and then Steve would catch Silvia looking at him suspiciously and quickly laugh and look away. Toni and Chris latter retreated to the bedroom, supposedly to get some much need sleep.
Silvia and Ron returned back to the boat to look for earrings. Steve took this as his clue to borrow Chris keys and drive back to his place. As he sat in the driveway, for a long moment his mind once again drifts into fantasy. He snaps to, smiling, at his reflection in the rear-view mirror, and slowly turns out into the road.

BlkWoman4BlkMan 42F

11/11/2005 12:04 am

great story.

SafariDog 56M

11/15/2005 10:29 am

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read it. I am currently working on more adventures, just need time to let them develop. What are your thoughts concerning any of the characters or events that took place. I so very much welcome all feedback.

doublek48 49F
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12/2/2005 11:36 pm

tell me is lola a split personality that belongs to donna?

SafariDog 56M

12/3/2005 10:12 pm

Very observate and very appreciated for catching the mistake. I have changed the name from the original "Lola" to "Donna" and have missed a few required changes. They are one in the same, I could have lied and said that Lola was her nickname, but to what end?
Thanks for your thoughtful words of encouragement and besides my typos, I hope that you found the story interesting?

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