to all my sexy friends  

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7/22/2006 3:19 am
to all my sexy friends

To all my sexy wonderful friends I have met here in blogville and on other parts of the earth..There are many of you that I have had the privilege of meeting in person.. speaking on the phone.. or chat.. all and all wonderful friendships have happened in this craziness of ranting..vamping and yes kid napping of souls.

latly many conversations have been about the confusion of blogging.. the heart felt pains of your home being disruptive and yes this can be another home.. a place you can be your self and feel free to express another side of you that is another part of the real you.. and I see many of you allowing that being robbed from you..
The reason you are a blogger is because you have something to say..
you just want to be heard..or scene..for what ever reason.. if it feels good do it.. write it.. blog it...
to the top bloggers.. babes... there is a reason why your have a way with words.. talent .. a have captured an audience.. applaud yourself.. you are worthy.
Some say being a top blogger means nothing.. I say it should mean alot..and if you can get it.. grab it.. write it and stomp on the slots ,, and dance for being on top.
be proud.. be true .. be you the other you
there are many that have a true talent of writing here.. I would hate the fact that our community in blogville may bring them down a step to prevent them for attempting to get published..
Could you imagine writers like Hemingway being hindered by the blogs.. could you see this happening.. I can.
for many of you this is a step to see what your really made of...a test in the waters to see how you would fare as a writer. so please I ask under the stars .. do not let the blogs slow you down.. take every negative and let it motivate you more..
for the game and challenges.. there fun.. a way to get noticed a way to network..
pimping.. hell yeah... pimp away

for me.. I will never be on top except maybe in the bedroom.. lol
I'm very writing is my simple thoughts that ramble in my head.. I'm married.. don't swing or swap should be on another site.. but some days i do just want to say FUCK ME.. I'm a flirt slut and its my blog... i can say what ever I wish.. If you don't like it delete me.. don't read me.. that is your choice... and only you all will accept me saying that..
Many say this is not real life.. if not .. then why does it effect our real emotions of love..hate..and our passion..provoked by real people..

For the ones that are not real and portray there selves as someone else..but entertain us ... I only see the harm if they contact you and try to meet you and invade your life out side of the blogs.

The blogs are a part of our real life.. that is why we keep coming back.. so for those of you that want to be on top.. go for it.. give it all you got.. its not a challenge..its not a race.. and it really does not matter what page you are on.. just blog..if you don't make it to the top.. does not make you less of a person..
theres only room on the top for one..just stay on top of the wonderful people you are..

under the stars


under the stars
We choose to write
you choose what you comprehend.
read twice and be nice
every key stroke... has a heart beat

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