Hubby took me to Sea Word today :)  

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3/12/2006 10:13 pm
Hubby took me to Sea Word today :)

Yep... The hubby surprised me with a trip to Sea World today... It was wonderful.. and I must admit a surprise.I'm not really into theme parks at all But Seaworld has alot to offer and very reasonable for an annuel pass, and they have wonderful restaurants like the Sharks Underwater Grill.. yes has a huge shark tank to gaze at while enjoing a 5 star meal and service...

Im a wife that has done just about everything to keep the our sex life exciting... I mean everything.. oil and plastic sheets... woooohoooo (don't laugh till you try it). and so much more whats left??? well after hearing my hubby have several several filet mignon gasems after every bite.. at this restaurant I realize now I just need to learn how to cook a good

I'm not a very religous person but I learned about the "Sea Dragon"... Never knew it existed.. so beautiful and kinda of wicked way.. But you have to wonder.... it made me think... who, what created this living creature, along with the dolphins, whales, and omg... I feel so sorry for the folks that had to work during the weekend, training, and playing with these beautiful mammals.

I learned today that one trainer has been with the same whale for 15 yrs. The whale has only bonded to her and you can clearly see that... This 5000 lb critter watched her every movement and happy to do so... I would say she has job security.
Along with Seaworld helping and researching our marine world out there.. they are also very big with animal rescue of all kinds, and all their 4 legged animals come from S.P.C.A ...if they are not born there. Busch beer is also very involved with animal rescue... so drink that Busch...LOL..

So for great entertainment for a very good cause... Please check out Sea World... After learning all they do for our Marine life and other wild animal and domestic.. I had no problem with the money we spent.. well worth it.
The yearly pass is like 69.00... $9.00 for parking come on guys.. a perfect date.. dinner, you can walk in the gardens.. they have bands now and then... great shows...

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