A new years bright beginning  

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12/30/2005 9:21 am
A new years bright beginning

I'm Very excited about the New Year and its already off to a wonderful start. New Years eve I will be surrounded by close friends and my wonderful hubby.

The remod of our home will be completed by feb Thank God.
For the new year I plan on deleting anything and anyone that brings me down and is negative.Life is just to short.
Put in my notice at work.
will tell a few friends that say they are a friend... goodbye and good luck.

will quit smoking on my b-day jan 20th

will make sure everything in my closet is sexier then hell.

will buy myself 1 red rose every month

will take more time out for my friends and family

If I have no control over it.. its not a problem any longer.

Will not take a no from someone that does not have the authority to give me a yes.

Will welcome each new wrinkle with a sexy smile.

That should do it

Happy New Year everyone.. and please be safe

by the way... is anyone hiring... lol


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