What friends are for  

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8/4/2005 3:32 pm

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What friends are for

I received this story from a friend of mine (the on on my profile) and thought I would share it with all of you.


After a long day at work, you arrive home to find the house lit with candles. As you walk through the house you pass the dinning room and find a wonderful feast. I walk in with the last bit of food and tell you to sit and relax and to begin eating. You ask what's going on, and I begin to explain when there is a knock at the door. I excuse myself to answer and come back with a beautiful girl, with gorgeous brown eyes. I introduce our guest to you as Tina and ask her to sit and join us for dinner. As I sit down next to her, I give you a slight smile to indicate what is in store for the night. Midway through dinner, I glance at Tina and notice her full round breast's as they press against the fabric of her blouse. I lean over to her and whisper to her that I can't wait for dessert, to which she smiles and glances at you. She helps me clear the table after dinner, and we bring out dessert which consists of a bowl of strawberries and whip cream. With the table completely cleared Tina begins to remove her clothes, I begin to help her out of her constricting blouse and unhook her bra to reveal her beautiful breasts and their large pink nipples. I lean over and take one of those nipples into my warm wet mouth. She lets out a moan and begins to unbutton my blouse and begins to plan with my nipples as I continue to suck like a baby on hers. She then takes my head in her hands and plays with my hair, and then pulls me up to meet her lips and we begin to kiss openly entwining our tongues. We stop to look over at you, and see you are sitting back in your chair and that you have taken your engorged cock out and that you are stroking it, clearly enjoying the show. I help Tina out of her skirt and she does the same for me. I then tell her to lay on the dinning room table. I begin to rub her body and then I take one of the strawberries and dip it in the whip cream. Tina watches with anticipation, and I take the strawberry and rub it over her clit. She begins to moan as I rub it over her clit, I look over my shoulder to wink at you. I turn my attention back to Tina and her growing clit, I lean over and lick the whip cream away only grazing her throbbing bud with the tip of my tongue. She starts to moan and begins to play with her breasts. I suck the rest of the whip creme off of the strawberry, and then look at her wet waiting pussy and push the strawberry into her wet cunt and at the same time I take her clit into my mouth and begin to suck on it. She lets out a yelp of pleasure and I stop for a moment and tell her to lay with her head hanging off of the table. You take my que and move over to her, with her mouth open and waiting you slip your cock into her mouth. As I suck on her clit and she is sucking on your cock, she starts to moan around your cock. I take her clit between my teeth and begin to nip at it, this sends her over the edge and she starts to cum in my mouth. I start to become dizzy with anticipation and I crawl up her body and begin to engage in a 69 position, you pull your cock out of her mouth and she attacks my wet cunt. You tell her to suck my pussy and you line your cock up with my ass. As you slowly push into me I bury my face into her pussy again, not being able to get enough of her pussy cream. Together we build up our rhythm and the only sounds in the dinning room and the grunts, groans, and the movement of the furniture beneath us. We work together to our climax and Tina starts to cum around my probing tongue first, this starts my orgasm on her relentless tongue, which you can feel and adds to your thrusts into my ass. We start to climax together and you pull your cock from my ass and shoot your load onto my spazming pussy and Tina's waiting mouth. Tina attacks my now spunk covered pussy and begins to clean it up. Once the wave of pleasure has disbursed and we untangle out bodies we walk up to our master bedroom.

I bring Tina into our large bathroom and begin to fill our large tub. While Tina and I prepare to relax in the tub, you disappear for a short while. When you come back Tina is laying against me in the tub while I rub her shoulders and trace down to her breasts, even though the water is warm her nipples become erect. You smile at seeing us rubbing each others bodies, and know this will be an unforgettable night. To make sure of it you proceed to set up the video camera. Tina stares in horror and as she starts to protest I begin to kiss her neck and fondle her breasts and begin to reassure her that it will heighten her pleasure. She submits and reaches behind her to play with my pussy. As she starts, so does the video, now our lesbian display is being kept forever. You disappear again and come back with an assortment of toys. Tina turns around to face me and begins to suck on one of my erect nipples, you then join us in the tub and begin to suck on the other nipple. You reach over to grab a toy and begin to push me out of the tub so I am sitting on the edge, and you spread my legs wide so the camera is getting a full shot of my hairless pussy. Tina lays me back onto the cold tile and continues her attack on my nipples while you begin to suck on my clit and push a toy into my waiting pussy. While you suck on my clit I pull Tina up by her hair and bring her up to kiss her on her mouth. I tell her how well you are sucking my clit and I tell her to sit on my face to show her. She complies and is now riding my tongue which is probing her twat like a tiny cock. I try to hold onto her ass as she is thrashing on my face. He moans turn into cries of passion and I know she is coming close, you stop playing with me to watch as she floods my face with her cum for the second time. Once she finishes she crawls off to help you make me cum. You have her work the toy in and out of my cunt as you suck on my clit. You stop for a short moment t grab another toy to push up into my ass, as soon as you release my clit Tina leans in to pick up where you left off. Now with a toy in my pussy and one in my ass, and Tina chewing on my but, you lean over me and feed me your cock. As you look down at me you see in my fact that I am about to cum, you tell me to suck your cock so you can cum in my mouth at the same time. As I start to erupt on Tina's tongue I start to massage your balls, almost as if I am trying to milk out your cum. Suddenly you spurt your hot spunk into my mouth, filling my mouth with your hot seed. I pull Tina up and feed her your hot spunk into her waiting mouth. We play with it on our tongues and push it back and forth between our mouths until we have an equal amount and we both wallow it down happily.

We finish cleaning each other off and proceed to our large bedroom. We all lay on the huge king size bed and relax and finish a bottle of wine. Tina get up and says that she has to leave, I offer to walk her out and tell her that she is welcome to stay the night, she declines both and thanks us for the wonderful evening. Both of us lay on our sides and we continue to talk. You stroke my breast as we are talking and you roll me onto my back. I know what you want and I grab a pillow and prop it under my ass. Your cock is lined up with my pussy and as you look down you run your cock along my wet waiting slit. You look into my eyes and tell me that you are going to make love to me and that you are going to cum inside of me. To which you then enter me and lean down and begin to kiss my neck as you work your way to my lips. You start to kiss me in rhythm to your cock, and work your way back to my neck. As I wrap my legs around you and lock them behind your back you whisper in my ear how good my pussy feels, and how turned on you were by watching me eat out Tina's pussy. That my pussy is just the right combination of tight and wet, and how good to makes your cock feel. Your continue to thrust into me, picking up the pace and as you look at me I know that the time is coming near. I tighten my muscles around your cock and you look at me and know that I am starting to climax, you begin to ride me faster. I start to moan and tell you that I'm cumming, I tell you to cum inside of me, to cum with me. You let out a long groan of approval and bury your cock deep inside of my soaked pussy. As you finish you lay on top of me and kiss my forehead and thank me for the wonderful evening before we both drift off to sleep.

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2/12/2008 7:40 pm

Wow, that's one hot story...got me going. Suggest sending that to Penthouse.

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