Moving Day  

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8/1/2005 10:17 pm

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Moving Day

Well it was moving day into my new apartment. I have lived down here since Feb of 2003 but have been sponging off of family. Well to be quite honest, I was living with my grandparents and taking care of my grandfather while he was ill. My grandfather passed in late March and I did not feel comfortable leaving my grandmother alone during that time, so I stayed with her. I guess I finally got the idea to get my own place when I met a girl out one night and decided I wanted to take her home. It is embarrassing to say that we cannot go to my place (because I did not have one). Either way, I had to get my own digs. When I moved down here, all I brought were my 2 cats, my camper, my car, and my clothes. Everything else is in storage in NY waiting for me to come and get it. I get cards from it every once in a while asking me when I am going to come and bring it home, but they end up in the trash.

Getting back to my original story;

I moved into my apartment on a Saturday and since it is sparsely occupied (a bed) I decided to go grocery shopping. I was going up and down the aisles getting everything that I need, until it dawned on me, I can not cook any of this. Not that I am unable to cook (I am an amateur gourmet in that regard), but that I have nothing to cook it with (remember ALL of my stuff is in storage). As I sat in the aisle and thought “shit” now what do I do, it dawned on me;

I was at Wal-Mart.

So I pushed my treasure over to the house wares aisle and found a small set of pots and pans. After my find, I was off shopping again. I was now getting more stuff. Then it dawned on my again, I need to go back to house wares and get some utensils and stuff so I can open things (god knows we all need a can opener). So off I went and got what I needed and then went back to the groceries. After I finished all of my shopping, I had yet another problem. I have nowhere to sit and eat all of the bounty. Since I was at Wal-Mart I had a choice to 3 solutions.

#1 buy a table and chairs from the furniture section.
#2 Buy 2 bar stools so I can sit at the bar in my kitchen.
#3 But a patio table and chairs for my patio.

Since the table and chairs for the patio were only 30 bucks and the others were over 75, I opted for the patio set.

Once I picked out my stuff in the garden department, I found I had another problem. Had nowhere to put it in the cart. Since I am a guy, I sat there for a minuet and engineered out a solution. Instead of being logical and getting another cart, I took stuff out mf my cart so I could fit the table and chairs in it. Well at least the table, the chairs were only in by two of the legs and the rest of the chair was sitting out of the cart over the side. I then reloaded the cart and realized that I could get everything in but the pots and pans. Well I figured that one out also, I put them in the chairs.

I did not know that casher could laugh as much as mine did when I got to her register.

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