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8/8/2005 7:49 pm

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Cell Phones

What is it with people and their constant reliability on cell phones? Now since I have 2 of them (one for work and one for personal), I also have a home phone. Well I have a home phone for two reasons; #1 to let people in the gate with at my apartment, and #2 so people can call me. I have a real issue with people that have no home phone and only use a cell phone when they know the service in their area SUCKS!!!!!

Case in point; I have a friend in the Chicago area that does not have a home phone. When ever I talk to her, the call gets dropped 5 ‒ 6 times before I loose it and tell her that I will talk to her later. I have asked her numerous times why if she knows that her service sucks why she does not get a land line. I get the answer that it is not that bad and that the service sucks form the local phone company (she had a bad time with them at a different location and thinks that they just suck).

The problem with this is that she gets mad at me because I get frustrated when the phone goes out. I mean, how rude is it when someone calls you and their phone keeps going out.

That is the way that I feel.

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