How Long?  

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7/17/2006 1:18 am

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9/11/2009 6:54 pm

How Long?

How long should a sexual encounter last?
Under an hour?
Under 2 Hours?
Until you pass out from exhaustion?

ShyWhisper2006 53F
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7/17/2006 3:16 am

*giggles* ...even if it is only once it happens to the point of dropping from would be so worth it...*smiles*

Toy_Boy1974 42M
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9/25/2006 10:27 pm

12 hours in earthtime

thebigrod1000 69M
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1/28/2007 1:31 pm

If you pass out you know it was one hell of a session.

eroticsex4usall 58M/105F
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7/26/2007 8:47 am

Until all parties are AFO............

Sexplorers61 55M/55F

9/28/2007 1:53 pm

We think sex should end with the last person being to tired, until then it's a free for all

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