Can My day get any better?  

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6/5/2006 2:14 pm

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Can My day get any better?

Ok I walk outside this morning to get in my truck, & there is someone standing outside my door, usual formalities as he informs me that I had won $500 in something I put my name in over a year ago, (they have been looking for me since I won lol) I thanked him & went on my way, I went to the store to get my food for the month, I find someones wallet, I pick up my cell phone call the person (information in the wallet) I went to where they live dropped off their wallet & they told me to keep the cash the only thing the guy wanted was a picture of his son. I got a chance to sit & talk with this guy, his son died overseize & he himself is a retired veteran. I offered to take him out for a beer but he promptly informed me that he had been sober for five years now but thanked me for the offer anyway, well, it was about 12 pm (noon) now so I figured I should probably go home & see whats up there & drop off the food stuffs. I got home & had 17 msgs. I listened to the messages while I put away the food, apparently my little msg that i put out on a local board was heard, 3 sales calles, 3 family calls & 11 people calling to say hey whats up & did i wanna go out somewhere. ok kool, it is 2:00 pm, I am thinking I should probably call some of these people back, I hope online, & I start calling people back,... no one answers their phone & those that do, don't remember calling. oh well. So my day in a nutshell has been fairly good. The best part is I have lots of friends to share my life with & because of that whether i have met them or not, I count my self as one of the richest people in the world.

Thanks peoples for reading.


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STCMOguy4fun 36M

8/15/2006 12:02 pm

So I take this as not to post about goood luck anymore right?

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