I have needs...  

SSBBWwantsFun 45F
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9/17/2005 10:24 am

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4/23/2006 5:13 pm

I have needs...

And I think my greatest need is to get my head on straight about what I want. You have to know the feeling, right? When it comes to sex and being single and not being sure what you really want. I think the biggest problem for me is that I tell myself I want one thing and all of my actions toward that endeavor logically conflict.

For example, I'm here on this site. I've met a couple guys from here and it's been fun - nothing mindblowing enough to affect my life, so to speak, but fun. I seem to get a general feeling of disappointment though. It's like I expect that if we have enough sexual compatibility, if I find him attractive and he likes me, then there might be a chance we'll have the makings of something significant beyond casual sex. Which, by saying this means I want a relationship. So, if I want a relationship, why am I active on a site that isn't about relationships, but about sex - casual hook ups?

Here's proof that I am queen of rationalization. I tell myself that I'm just having fun until I meet "him" and that I'll know him when I meet him because we'll connect on some super level that can't be questioned. And that to be the perfect guy for me he has to like sex as much as I do and be totally sexually compatible. So, it seems fair to say that I could meet the man of my dreams this way... casually hooking up and finding out we're made for each other because lightening strikes us when our eyes meet. <sigh> As if... I'm delusional on this point.

The alternative is to change my ways... stop meeting guys this way and just go out and about hoping some hottie I see is into bbws (especially ssbbws) and has the courage to approach me. I am out and about though. And I know I am attractive, I have a great sense of self and I'm confident. I'm healthy, albeit about 350 pounds, I carry myself well and I take care of myself. I know there are guys who are attracted to and appreciate big women. But guys don't approach me often. I don't want to wait for the right guy and having no fun in the interim. I'm active on other bbw sites... I met my last significant boyfriend online. But that was ages ago. And so it goes.

I read a blog from a guy who met a girl who he felt he really connected with. I thoroughly enjoyed his description of how it made him feel to have met her and how he looked forward to seeing her again. He was already imagining the potential. Is this proof it can happen?

In the meantime I'll continue my delusional pursuit of the perfect guy who just happens to be in pursuit of a woman like me in the same delusional manner...

It could happen!

rm_Redrob 49M
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9/25/2005 5:07 pm

That's the thing about life, you can not plan who you are going to meet and if the relationship is going to happen. You meet someone, does not really matter how, you hit it off, you have sex maybe maybe not and that it from there. If you wait for Mr Perfect to come along you are either the luckest person on the planet or going to be very bored.

Life is too short, live for the moment and if something develops well then that's cool and if it does not move on. Also if you try and pressure either party into something quickly then it will not feel natural and probably flop. Good luck and keep on having fun.

cnotes170 35M
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1/21/2006 4:15 am

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rm_bronxmagic 35M
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4/18/2006 12:40 am

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