The beauty in Serving ones Master  

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11/7/2005 6:53 pm

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The beauty in Serving ones Master

She gasps and sobs as she makes her way to him. On her hands and knees, studded clamps biting into her nipples and swollen clit, she drags behind her the heavy chain that is attached to the clamps. He stands, waits, and watches, a pleasant smile on his face. His eyes wander over the red marks that stripe her thin frame, lingering on the deep purple bruises. Every inch of the long trip across the lovely Oriental rug is agony for her. She stops frequently, reason telling her that she can not do this and should not try. As she questions her ability and desire to do this thing, she looks up at his smiling face. Seeing him, resolve to please him floods her senses, and she moves again. He is well aware of what this trip is costing her. Pride and awe fill him as she displays her willingness to please. Immense pleasure at commanding this thing done is part of his satisfaction as well. He sees that she has almost reached him, but now has stopped for a long time. Swaying back and forth, she is perhaps ready to fall, her eyes fluttering on the cusp of losing consciousness. With enormous compassion, he utters two words. Quietly, he urges her, “Come. Suck.” She had not been aware that this reward awaited her. Raising her head and gritting her teeth, and using will she did not know she possessed, she crawls the last foot to him. Exhausted and crying, she lays her head against his calf, resting for a moment before she begins the astonishing torture of coming up to a kneeling position. “You may hold the chain, ” he whispers, aware of her dread of dragging the links up with her. She gathers the chain in her hands slowly and straightens in front of him. His engorged cock, waves in front of her. And he gave her permission as she crawled. Extending her tongue, she catches the drop of pre-cum that glistens on the tip. His face contorts with the effort of not shoving himself down her throat, His desire is so great to take possession anew of His property. She draws Him slowly into her mouth, moistening his length as she takes Him deeply. Her tongue forms a hard ridge on the sensitive underside of his cock as she gracefully begins to suck. He reaches down and holds the globes of her breasts in his hands. After moving slowly to hold the clamps, in a sudden motion he removes them from the captive nipples, tearing the clamp in turn from her clit. She screams in a deep and lovely wail, the pain of the blood returning the nipples and clit too much to bear quietly. Moving now to firmly hold her head, he strokes fully into her throat to feel the vibrations of her screams. Obedient, she neither gags nor stops, but new tears cover her cheeks. Withdrawing slightly, he settles into a slow pace of taking her mouth. Reaching again, with infinite gentleness he places a palm on each of the ravaged nipples, carefully massaging the inflamed flesh. Why is this gesture the one that is her undoing? This of all things causes her to drop to the floor, leaving the cock that she adores in empty air, collapsing in deep and wrenching sobs, utterly open to him and no longer with will. He smiles softly. He has achieved his goal. He has collected every fiber and molecule of her being. Reaching down again, he touches her softly. Then, moving behind her and raising her hips, in one motion he plunges his length into her bottom. He cues her to come up, and she raises willingly, bringing her back fully in contact with his chest. He pounds her tiny back passage furiously, bringing one hand around to her breasts again. She tenses, expecting the worst. Justifying her fears, he spreads his fingers wide and then, squeezing her breasts hard once and then harder again, alternates, milking her in the rhythm of his thrusts. Using the other hand he presses his palm fiercely against her battered clit, curling his fingers inside her dripping sex. A moan builds in her as she clenches and twists beneath him, holding her orgasm suspended in sensation. His cock swells again, and with a shout, his orgasm fills her. Many seconds go by as he holds her and his orgasm ebbs. Withdrawing from her, he patiently and gently guides his now senseless slave to the bed, gathers her in his arms, and wordlessly comforts the weeping woman. She is without thought. Gratitude, exhaustion, wonder, joy and peace claim her as he turns her deftly to face away from him, and pulls her to him to trace, with the pleasure and care of a mother touching her newborn’s lips, the nipples under his fingers. In a moment, she begins to squirm with desire. “No, love, ” he responds. “Rest.”

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11/8/2005 2:51 am

What can say, " delight is ever My own heart in truth "

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11/9/2005 12:11 am

Quite wonderful. I assume most people don't get it, but that's very good.

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